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  346. hCG Success Stories and Testimonials

    1. Denisse's Photos and Daily Description
    2. Follow up daily testimonial on hCG phase 1 oral hCG sublingual formula. Complete description of hCG symptoms, weight and fat loss results, women hCG side effects during menstrual period and more.

    3. Aaron Photographic Testimonial
    4. Follow up on hCG oral sublingual phase 1 and phase 2 maintenance diet, with photos revealing contour changes, rolls disappearance, weight and fat loss and completed physical rehabilitation.

    5. Allan's Photos and Daily Description
    6. Find out an interesting and engaging hCG sublingual oral diet, phase 1 hCG sublingual daily description and photographic results to seniors. Our webmaster is 60 years old.

    7. Ebony Gates's Photos and HCG Results Description
    8. Ebony is very young and she loss 30 pounds in 3 weeks. She describes about how HCG increased her confidence and how she got it!

    9. Shannon's Photos and hCG use to Body Building Competitions
    10. hCG sublingual oral diet use for women involved in body building shows, contests and competitions, description and photographic results to women strength.

    11. Carmen's Photos and Daily Description
    12. hCG sublingual oral diet phase 1 testimonial, daily description and photographic results to Hispanic women 50 years old.

    13. Osteoarthritis Chronic Pain Testimonial
    14. I have lost almost 12 pounds and in reference to the osteoarthritis I have seen a great change that had reduced the inflammatory pain in my knees and arms. By now, "the icy feeling remain the same but with no pain". For me that is great!

    15. Most Recent Weighloss Testimonials
    16. As I looked in the mirror I felt a bit better. It looked great on me. And just for reassurance, as I walked up the stairs, my slip fell down around my ankles. My pants that were tight a week ago were falling down and sagging in my legs and behind. That is very satisfying. I have tried on a few pairs of pants that I was not able to fit but always meant to get into. They went on just fine, and I feel excited about losing 20 pounds!

    17. A Cage Boxing Athlete from Australia Weight Loss Testimonial
    18. I can say that I have finished my first 21 days on HCG diet and I am down 10 Kg (22.02 Lbs). That is a start for me and I would like to have another journey of 21 days. When I started I was ruffly 110 Kg. (242 Pounds) on the day I weighed for the start of my HCG. Finally on my day 21, I was 96 Kg (211.2 Pounds).

    hCG Testimonial en Español

    1. Allan y Su Testimonio de Dietas Para Deportistas
    2. Dieta de hCG oral para deportistas interesados en mantener el cuerpo y peso ideal a través de la edad madura.

    3. Allan - 2da. Dieta HCG
    4. Testimonio Para Bajar de Peso en 1 Semana. Meta 19 libras (8.7 kilos).

    5. Carmen y la Hormona hCG en la Mujer Hispana
    6. Efectos que produce la hormona gonadotropina coriónica en la mujer hispana en bajar de peso, disminuir la barriga y quemar la grasa acumulada.

    7. Denisse Dieta Para Adelgazar Rápido con hCG
    8. Dietas para adelgazar rápido es lo que todos necesitamos. Ya no queremos saber más de tantas dietas puramente comerciales. Encontré esta fabulosa de dieta adelgazar en una semana y adelgazar rápido.

    9. Testimonio en Proceso - Dietas Efectivas
    10. Uno desea probar dietas efectivas para bajar de peso rápidamente y mantener la vitalidad. De manera que, me dí cuenta de los resultados de una amiga con la dieta HCG y decidí probarla. He aquí mi testimonio diario de resultados con la dieta HCG.

    11. Testimonio de Miami - Bajé 37 Libras
    12. Quiero que sepan que he quedado muy satisfecha de los resultados de la dieta, pude haber bajado más libras pero no quise. Bajé 37 libras en dos fases. Para ser más específica: dos fases 1 y dos fases 2. Actualmente estoy completando la última fase de mantenimiento. Les mando muestra. Muchas gracias también por las atenciones y el buen soporte dado.

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