Diet Phase 2 Recipes

Ready Made and Balanced Diet Phase 2 Recipes

hCG Diet Phase Two Recipes to Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Protocol

For your diet phase 2 recipes and for keeping your weight off herbs is all you will need while on the sublingual hCG diet program.

During the hCG maintenance program after losing 1 to 3 pounds average weight per day on phase 1, you are provided with a list of foods allowed to eat. In addition, you get a list of what not to eat on diet phase 2.

It is important to follow the food preparation guidelines of the diet phase two recipes so you don't see neither sudden drop or sudden increase in weight.

The hCG maintenance phase 2 is the most important because during this hCG phase 2 you need to maintain your weight for 21 days to reset your hypothalamus.

Many fails the hCG maintenance phase 2 because they think they can come back to the old eating habits without gaining more weight.

Discipline within the hCG maintenance and keeping hCG phase 2 recipes under control is a challenge and with sublingual treatment we have a proven system that helps to avoid most diets pitfalls.

A light version of free hCG recipes has been included here to download.

This hCG diet answer questions like diet phase 2 meals? Can I mix vegetables on hCG diet? hCG chicken recipes? hCG and vegetables? hCG diet with green beans? You may want to download the Free hCG Diet Recipes Book here!

See below two pre-balanced calories plates for 1 day on diet phase two recipes. Steak and red and white onions and garlic. Together with steamed snap-beans vegetables.

Second one, a shrimp soup made with a vegetable mix including green zucchini, cabbage and white onions.

Each plate is about 200 calories count. Perfect for a day of 500 very low calories diet of hCG oral sublingual treatment and snacks in between.

diet phase 2 recipes

diet phase 2

hCG Diet Phase 2 Recipes
A Proven Successful Program

To assist you in maintaining your weight and to reset your hypothalamus this diet phase 2 is all you need for to have within the 21 days program that includes a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

We have a proven success rate with diet phase 2 meals on hundred of customers on keeping the fat off while using this blend of herbs.

Please, see hCG maintenance testimonials here.

I started the hCG maintenance phase 2 very happy after losing 20 pounds with the hCG diet.

I had a greater choice of food and it was hard to eat under your max daily calorie intake.

I noticed that without the hCG maintenance phase 2 program, it was harder to maintain the current weight.

For example, due to personal circumstances, I stop taking the pills for 4 days.

During those days, my weight started going up and I started worrying because I didn't want to come back to my old weight.

On the fifth day of diet phase 2, I started taking the pills and my weight dropped incredible.

I was still eating under my max daily calorie intake but I loss the weight I gained during those 4 days without the pills.

"These diet phase 2 herbs are incredible! And I highly recommend them."

diet phase two recipes

What About Eating Out During
Phase 2 Recipes hCG Maintenance Diet?

Eating out on hCG maintenance hCG diet phase 2 recipes program is not easy. The allowed list of food is large and restaurants offer a lot of choices you don't want to try to risk yourself.

The diet phase two recipes cook book include vegetables, meats, and salads. The only thing to watch out is alcoholic drinks because these are not allowed.

This hCG phase phase 2 recipes also includes a large variety of fruits options such as berry or mixed berries, fresh pineapple, grapefruit, cantaloupes, etc.

Be certain that (only if taken in small amounts) not to exceed the max daily calorie intake per day as described on the HCG allowed foods to eat.

Never try alcoholic drinks because are not allowed at any moment and may affect your final results. It is vital to drink a minimum of 2 liters of permited fluids per day in addition to at least 2 liters of water.

Don't forget this, you can drink as much water you would like while on hCG diet phase 2 recipes.

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