HCG Success Photos

HCG Success Photographs

Images for HCG Success - Before and After

Great HCG success photos can only be produced from a reliable camera but more important from a reliable diet. And we mean Sublingual HCG diet that keep its promise to build new figures for life in 21 days - to shed pounds - and another 21 days to build your new silhouette.

Here are some HCG Diet "before and after" photos from our customers -- all of them used our HCG Sublingual with the serum AE-27 for HCG drops.

Take your time to appreciate the before and after photos and successful weight loss stories from the Sublingual HCG diet weight loss program.

HCG Success - Before Day "0" and After Day "7"

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HCG Success - Day "14" and After Day "21"

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HCG Images - Day "35" and After Day "42"

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Maru is from México. She developed an incredible Sublingual diet hCG success photos story of a 41 years old woman who lost 40 pounds using using HCG oral drops. More about Maru before and after pictures are posted in the photo gallery.

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