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How To Mixing hCG

How to mixing hCG is one of the doubts many people on hCG diet for weight loss get confused. But mixing hCG serum is relatively easy.

If it happened you already bought the hCG powder online, this hCG powder kit usually comes together with a sterile chloride solution.

Concentrate on small details, just follow the next hCG mixing instructions and you will be ready!

You can get a peace of paper towel and while holding it gently from the bottom of the flask, use the paper towel just to quickly snap the top part of the holding recipient. Do the same for the hCG powder recipient.

Once both are broken, introduce the injection needle up to bottom of the flask and pull up by suction all the sterile chloride solution.

Ad the sterile chloride solution to the flask containing the white looking hCG powder. You will see that hCG powder is immediately dissolved. Rub it gently though.

Then, with the same injection needle, pull up by suction the hCG mixing solution just done with the sterile chloride solution and the hCG white powder and, ad it to the enriched hCG sublingual serum mix AE-27.

hcg powder for hcg mixing

sterile chloride solution for hcg mixing

How To Mix hCG With hCG Serum AE-27

One of the beautiful things of the hCG sublingual mixing serum is that is fully enriched with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals.

For anyone undergoing the hCG therapy for weight loss this oral hCG drops sublingual treatment makes everything very easy to manage.Because all you have to do is to apply 4 drops, equivalent to 0.22 cc early morning and then, the same 4 drops of hCG sublingual before going to bed.

So, considering this easy how to mix hCG alternative, why do you need hCG injections? There is a lot of problem when you go to a drug store and ask for injection needles.

People under the counter look at you as a drug addict and that's not fair! Avoid those kind of embarrassment and wrongful considerations of your personality.

Instead of giving hCG shots to yourself and making more holes over your pretty skin, better go for the mixing hCG sublingual serum AE-27.

hcg mixing serum AE-27

hCG Sublingual Mixing Serum AE-27

The mixing hCG with sublingual AE-27 and together with the hCG powder is the one you will use to do your hCG diet weight loss therapy treatment every day.

once you add this 4 drops of oral hCG sublingual mixing under your tongue, hold it there for at least 5 minutes. Suddenly, you will feel how easily is absorbed within your mouth.

Very important is, for the secure absorption under your tongue to not drink any liquid before 30 minutes.

That's all you will have to wait. Then you go over to start drinking water and coffee or tea at your ease until lunch time.

The next thing to do is to keep the 500 very low calorie diet as usual dividing it between lunch and dinner. This is, 250 calories very well measured in the 2 feeding sessions.

Important to know is that this mixing hCG sublingual serum AE-27 should be kept refrigerated once done.

The hCG mixing is a delicate substance and may deactivate itself if not taking care as recommended.

mixing hcg at week 0

mixing hcg for weight loss results after 10 days

Results After Mixing hCG With hCG Serum AE-27

See above photos of one of our customer who drops about 16 pounds in 10 days using the hCG sublingual mix.You can easily see the differences in abdomen size and the the effective changes in fat burn.

As it happens with hCG shots, you will see a gradual reduction on daily weight loss between 1 to 3 pounds per day while keeping carefully the very low calorie diet of 500 per days as stipulated on Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol.

It works pretty good despite all the negative comments concerning not-proven absorption under your tongue.

If you have any doubt, open your mouth in front of a mirror and you will see what you have underneath the tongue.

You will see a bunch of blood vessels that take the hCG mixing serum solution by absorption to your blood stream.

hCG Mixing Hormones With hCG Serum AE-27

The hCG mix sublingual serum contain the hCG hormone which is going to circulate in the blood stream and spread around the body to carry messages or signals to different parts of the body.

The name hormone comes from the Greek word hormao meaning "I excite" and refers to the fact that each hormone excites or stimulates a particular part of the body known as the target gland - the hypothalamus -.

hCG mixing hormones are passed from the cells under the tongue into the blood flowing through the gland.

Generally, up to a certain concentration, the higher the amount of hCG mixing that is in the blood, the greater the effect over its targets.

People which have a lot of abnormal fat usually loss weight in larger amounts at the beginning of the hCG weight loss diet treatment.

Sometimes it happen due to getting familiarity with the hCG mixing dosage. If you don't read well the 0.22 cc, read the 4 drops mark instead.

Don't get fooled with hCG mixing sublingual absorption under the tongue. Mixing hCG with sublingual serum AE-27 works wonders!

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