Oral hCG

Oral hCG for Obesity Treatment

Oral hCG Alternative, What Is It?

Oral hCG for obesity treatment have been found the safest of all weight loss alternatives. It is called "oral" because you take hCG orally, by the mouth.

Using this hCG oral sublingual treatment together with the hCG diet information, you will be losing 1 to 3 pounds per day the easy way.

The oral hCG diet basically consist of 2 phases only where you will be taking a few drops of hCG hormone placed under your tongue.

In less than 5 minutes the hCG hormone treatment dissipate by absorption and start working within your body.

During the day you will take 2 doses. One early morning and the second just before you go to bed at night.

Meanwhile, during the day you have to follow a very strict diet of no more than 500 calories per day.

Initially, the process is very simple. I would say, the simplest of all hCG diet programs.

But as this first hCG diet consist of 21 days you will have to work hard to control your anxiety to insane food.

Develop Your Own Plan And Weight Loss Goals
Oral hCG We'll Do The Rest!

Consequent to the process, you will have to set up your weight loss goals you want to loss during the first period of 21 days.

Normal goals are 15 to 21 pounds, 30 to 42 pounds and up to 63 pounds. While many in reality reach up to 40 to 50 pounds during the whole period, it all depends on your real goals and your own discipline.

That the oral hCG work, it works! The different results depends on what you eat and your own penalties within...this is your game!

If you cheat to yourself how are you going to make it work? That's the reason we mentioned a very important "strict mouth discipline."

The hCG oral product you will be taking is hCG sublingual serum. The recipient is an amber bottle which come together with a dropper to measure the drops you should use daily.

You may want to recognize the product by looking the image below. The amber recipient and the dropper.

oral hCG product, hCG sublingual serum with dropper included Oral hCG sublingual serum, product label description

Experiencing the Oral hCG Alternative

Let us follow up by checking Denisse's daily oral hCG sublingual testimonial designed to be shared with all interested new users pursuing to purchase the oral hCG alternative.

Denisse Phase 1 Oral hCG Testimonial

Today is April 20, 2009. Today is my first day with the oral sublingual hcg diet.

I woke up very excited this morning to try the hCG. Brushed my teeth and then I applied the sublingual hCG formula under my tongue.

The instructions describes that the formula needs to be applied ½ hour before drinking any liquids. So I did!

The hCG sublingual didn't have any taste and it was easy to apply under the tongue. It was absorbed very quickly within 5 minutes.

Then I weighted myself and added the data into my journal. I waited for 30 minutes before I had something to drink and breakfast.

I have been hungry most of the day but I came prepared with fruits and healthy snacks just in case. I ate 2 portions of fruits and a granola bar through the afternoon after lunch. The first and second day I'm allowed to eat anything but preferred healthy food.

In addition, I worked out in the gym with my trainer for 1 hour. He took pictures and measurements to mark the starting point of my hCG diet.

I also had 1 cup of protein shake with water post work out to replenish the amino acid and carbohydrates lost during exercise.

The day is almost over and I'm ready to sleep, so I applied the second sublingual hCG formula under my tongue and went to bed.

Oral hCG for Obesity's Instructions

  1. The sublingual formula needs to be applied early morning and ½ hour before drinking any liquids.
  2. You have to weight yourself and input log record in your personal journal.
  3. Wait for 30 minutes before you drink and breakfast.
  4. Be prepared with fruits and healthy snacks just in case you feel hungry.
  5. The first and second day you are allowed to eat anything but preferred healthy food.
  6. Try to work out in the gym at least for 1 hour to help eliminating body's toxins.
  7. Take pictures and measurements to mark the starting point of your oral hcg for obesity sublingual treatment.
  8. Get at least 1 cup of protein shake with water post work out to replenish the amino acids and carbohydrates lost during exercise.
  9. Apply the secong hCG sublingual dosis before bedtime...And sleep relax.

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Oral hCG Diet Success Story Thought

"Remember, you really want to loss weight. It is extremely important to keep in mind your weight loss goal, in example: My goal is 10 pounds after 3 weeks and 21 days!. As a helping reminder, post it everywhere."

At your door. At your refrigerator. At your dining table. At your driving steering wheel. Don't you dare to deviate from your goals!

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1st. Day - April 20, 2009

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