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Hi everybody! This is the hCG support group center where you will be able to post your hCG related experiences in using the hCG oral sublingual formula for weight loss.

You may also use this support group portal to post any type of hCG success stories, no matter what type of hCG product or formula you are using or have used in the past.

Please, do your post the size you want. We inform you in advance to keep respecting other user's comments and leave yours only focusing on benefiting others.

Consider this place as a forum, as a portal. Where people is writing comments to support other people.

Please, let us discipline ourselves in doing a great work, writing comments, sharing information living within a love abundantly forum portal support group.

Anything not related to out support group portal forum, or not written with such purpose in mind or which is offensive to the culture of our visitors, will be immediately removed.

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You may start writing your post of hCG oral sublingual experiences here.

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