hCG Dosage

hCG Weight Loss Dosage

Why hCG Dosage Is Important

hCG dosage of the hCG diet protocol must be given special consideration to ensure you reach your goals and weight loss expected results.

We learn during the Denisse previous days that the hCG diet treatment program did not provide her with weight loss.

Isn't that the hypothalamus gland has not yet being reseated? Isn't that there were involuntary few mistakes in following the hCG weight loss dosage a described within the diet program?

Each person is different and may require different hCG dosage. Start with the lowest hCG dose for about 3 days to notice any changes.

Most people feel some hunger during their first week. We recommend not change your dose until after that time. Typical hCG dosage are:

  • 0.125 cc [12 on syringe]= 62.5 IU per dose-125 IU daily
  • 0.150 cc [15 on syringe]= 75 IU per dose-150 IU daily
  • 0.200 cc [20 on syringe]= 100 IU per dose-200 IU daily
  • 0.250 cc [25 on syringe]= 125 IU per dose-250 IU daily
  • 0.300 cc [30 on syringe)= 150 IU per dose-300 IU daily

Going back to our weight loss concept, when you are on your way to your dream goals of weight loss and in the process to build the figure of your dreams using the hCG treatment diet plan, you surely are going to gradually loss 1 to 3 pounds per day.

Today is the day 9 of the diet program. Let's see what Denisse description hCG dosages fat weight loss therapy's ninth day experience is.

hCG Dosage for Obesity Treatment

Today in the morning I woke up a little tired because I couldn't sleep last night thinking about why I didn’t see any weight loss in the morning?

My trainer and nutritionist told me not to worry but I was, I thought that I was probably not doing something right.

I took the first hCG dosage sublingual dosis in the morning and then I started reading the hCG diet line by line.

Then I noticed that I did a HUGE MISTAKE!!!

Instead of eating 3 oz. of meat I was eating 6 oz. I just assumed that all meats were 6 oz. because the hCG dosage diet includes 6 oz. of chicken.

I wonder why I didn't loss any pounds? What a mistake!!!...This is probably why when I weighted myself I didn't notice a decrease in my weight the day before.

So today, I made sure I ate the right amounts and followed the hCG program diet line by line.

I'm ready to go to bed, and I took my second hCG doses sublingual dosis. I'm looking forward to the results tomorrow.

hCG Dosage Diet Success Story Thought

Please don't make the same mistakes I did, READ THE DIET LINE BY LINE and make sure you follow it if you want to see results.

Denisse is within the second week of the hCG treatment. Even she made a huge mistake it can be cleaned during the process.

Any way, great accomplishment are on the way. Different results may come tomorrow.

At this very moment I am to invite you to take this challenge. Follow up the second week by subscribing to the awesome hCG dosage treatment program now.

9th. Day - April 28, 2007

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