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The hCG diet plan Denisse followed has been done exactly as described within the hCG weight loss and diet information. Also, as prescribed by her physical fitness trainer.

For Denisse, yesterday was a very exciting day. I was hoping someone could tell me of their experience about the hCG diet menu or the hCG shots with a low cal diet plan for loosing weight so I can add it here.

Today, at the six day I was expecting another interesting experience after the fifth day of the hCG hcg diet meal plan or we will say the hCG diet program we develop won't work.

Let us see what Denisse description of hCG therapy's sixth day experience is:

"Fat Is Not Weight and Weight Is Not Fat"

Today I woke up with a lot of energy, repeated the same routine, took my first hCG sublingual doses and I weighted myself.

I didn’t notice any change in weight but I looked myself in the mirror and I noticed that one roll in my back completely disappeared.

I asked my trainer and he reinstated that - fat is not weight and weight is not fat-. Even if I don’t see a drop in my weight I’m still burning fat.

This is why I have noticed that my back rolls are disappearing and I can see the skin tiding up around my waist.

The hCG Diet Meal Plan Really Works!

The hCG diet plans is working great but it becomes a challenge when you are around people that don’t care about what they eat.

To give you a specific example, today is Saturday and I went out to a restaurant and movies with some friends.

Everybody order beer and French fries and burgers. And I order lean meat and vegetables as the hCG diet reinstate.

I felt like grabbing one potato fry or popcorn in the movie theater, but I knew that if I try at least one I won’t be able to stop and all this week effort will be wasted.

So I told myself "DON'T EVEN TRY IT" many times and I was able to make it through.

I felt like being out of place because everybody was enjoying their greasy food and beers instead of thinking about an affordable diet plan to control their lives.

Oral hCG Diet Plan for Obesity's Instructions

  1. Weight yourself and enter data in the log book
  2. Take the oral sublingual hCG doses
  3. If you get a headache, a couple of Tylenol may take care of the problem
  4. Follow the hCG diet plan guidelines, just coffee or water for breakfast
  5. Wait patiently to lunch time
  6. Eat only the food listed on the hCG meal plan diet
  7. Eat your portion of fruits
  8. Work out your body with exercises to strengthen your muscles
  9. Take your second oral weight loss hCG oral sublingual doses and go to bed.

hCG Diet Plan Success Story Thought

"My learning today was not to put myself in temptation again."

So before I go out with friends I will need to be done with my hCG sublingual diet...14 days more to go!

When I came back home, I took my second hCG sublingual dosis and went to bed.

I will continue to stick with my hCG diet, I don’t want to waste all the effort I have put for 7 days especially after seeing these amazing results.

Denisse did not found any loss pounds after the 5th. day? This hCG diet plan to rapid weight loss experience is giving us extraneous information isn't?

No worries, this is just the beginning. Let's see what happen next! But now, is about time to subscribe to the amazing rapid weight loss oral hCG diet plan.

6th. Day - April 25, 2009

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