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A Successful Weight Loss Story
Cage Boxing Athlete from Thailand

How To Make Your Weight Loss Success A Reality

Weight loss success it really never happens overnight. This is a fact you should know if you are trying to achieve a new body figure completely different than the one you actually have.

I am proud to share with all our readers a successful weight loss story from Keith, our Australian cage boxing friend doing training at Thailand.

And this is how the HCG weight loss story goes. One night Keith called me from Australia - where he is from - and told me he was going to a special 3 months cage boxing fighting training to Thailand.

As he consider himself overweight he wanted to drop at least 30 pounds of weight in exchange of building a more muscular body, which it was going to help him to be more successful in his present cage boxing competition activity.

I can tell I was surprised with his weight loss interest. So, I explained most of the basics details of the HCG sublingual diet and how it may helps him to achieve the loss success weight dreams of his life.

Let us look and appreciate Keith's front changes in body silhouette from week 0, after week 1, week 2 and week 3. See how his body profile dramatically changed after 21 days diet with HCG Sublingual.

As we have been sustaining - HCG diet works like Michelangelo sculpturing your body structure - and eventually after 21 days diet revealing your real body structure and extracting your new body figure for life.

Cage Boxing Athlete Successful Weight Loss Story

Cage boxing is the original source of fighting entertainment Keith love to do and has been involved for many years.

If you know about cage boxing you need to learn this sport activity offers a huge selection of tickets to all boxing events all over the world.

People rage in the cage boxing tickets and rage in the cage fight schedule. Cage boxing offers hours of fun for the hardcore trainer. Cage fighting is less brutal than boxing, it is designed to take a beating and rebound when hit.

It is said that people need to entertain with sports violence sometime and this activity provides an original source of fighting entertainment.

Regardless of your body type or genetics, all sorts of people are successfully losing weight and keeping it off. While it may take some hard work, though discipline and dedication you can also do it no matter what your activity is. And Keith was getting exactly that!

Let's take a look at the side view profile. HCG sublingual works flattening your abdominal region discovering your new body figure for life.

HCG Diet Weight Loss Success Stories Journey

Keith's travel plans where on its way and started the HCG sublingual diet in Thailand with a weight about 110 Kg (242 Lbs).

He read the HCG weight loss testimonials - he said - and he wanted to know if this HCG Sublingual diet can make a quick change to his body physical structure while he was going to be involved in an intensive 3 months cage boxing training in Thailand.

With a weight loss success rate of 1 to 3 pounds per day the HCG Sublingual diet started to yield for him, step by step the accomplishing the loss success weight dream of his life. And he was happy with it!

Eventually, I received several emails form Keith telling me that his body energy wasn't affected at all during the intensive cage boxing training he was going through in Thailand.

This web page is dedicated to weight loss success stories and to be shared by our cage fighting visitors. We hope this weight loss success story will provide you with the inspiration and motivation to be shared by our visitors.

We also hope this weight loss success will provide you with the motivation to make the body figure changes that will make your life healthier and happier.

As we sustain...HCG Sublingual diet transform your body silhouette from round shaped to your original one. The same you had when you were younger and strong!

Look over what the hCG weight loss program does over the silhouette and profile of an athlete after completion of 21 days on the hCG weight loss program and losing 26.4 pounds.

Keith's Weight Loss Success Pictures

The purpose of this website is to help weight watchers to locate helpful resources that will assist them to achieve weight loss success with long term sustainable weight.

You might believe that losing weight and keeping it off is virtually impossible. Well, here's the encouraging news: I am about to show you the amazing body weight loss success and physical transformation that Keith achieved in just 21 days diet.

Our Australian friend used HCG sublingual diet and follow up the recipes described on the digital HCG Diet recipes book.

Keith's email December 13, 2009
Well I can say that I have finished my first 21 days on HCG diet and I am down 10 Kg (22.02 Lbs). That is a start for me and I would like to have another order of 21 days. I still have all my pills from the Maintenance stage so I will keep them until I finish my second 21 days.

I will be going to the south of Thailand now so I will have to give you a new address to send it to. But do you still have my cc details? If not, please get back to me and we can do the pp way we did last time, thanks. Also I have photos from day 1, day 7, day 14 and day 21.

Keith's email December 14, 2009
OK, I will have my 21st day taken on Wednesday so then I will email you the photos I started at 108 Kg (237.7 Pounds). I will weigh myself again on Wednesday morning I should be 97 Kg (213.4 Pounds).

That's huge weight lose, and I maintained most of my energy for training too. So I am not too sure what to write or even how to do a web page for that matter. Any advice would be great,
Thanks again. Talk to you on Wednesday.

Keith's email December 15, 2009
Hey thanks, I am moving to a new part of Thailand to a new training camp so I am not to sure of the address just yet.

Please bare with me and I will get back to you in a few days on the address, I will take 3 weeks off before I do it again for another 21 days. Hopefully that time I will reach my goal of 90 Kg (198 Pounds).

I have taken all my photos and when I get something together writing down I will forward it all on. How do I then become a promoter of the product so I can make some money from it. Is there a process?

Keith's email December 18, 2009
Hi, OK I payed on the pay pal thing but I am waiting for my new address and should get an email today with it. When I do I will email you so you can send it there, thanks.

I will attach my photos from the first 21 days. I have tattoos on my body but you can see where all the fat has gone. I am not the best looking model but I trained hard for the days on HCG and should have a good story to offer as far as results are concerned.

Please let me know what you think. I started I was ruffly 110 Kg. (242 Pounds) on the day I weighed for the start of my HCG. I was 108 Kg (237.6 Pounds) and on my day 21, I was 96 Kg (211.2 Pounds).

Now I am gonna be on a holiday for 2 weeks so I will be back drinking and not training until January 3rd then I will do another 21 days and hopefully get to 90 Kg (198 Pounds) then I will do my maintenance stage.

I will continue to my progress charts. I have all the measurements from day 1 to now and they are pretty cool. I think this can be a good business for me and would like to know how I can make it work for me? OK, look at the photos and get back to me. Cheers,

Keith's email January 10, 2010
Hi, thanks I have received my product today for my second 21 days diet and will start next week. I will get new photos and keep you posted. I still want to sell this product and think I can do good. Please let me know if we can do something soon.

I feel proud sharing this amazing weight loss success story achieved by an athlete from Australia who is on his way to complete the HCG body building figure dream for a life time.

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