How To Take Sublingual HCG

How To Take HCG Sublingual To Lose Weight

Here Is How To Take Sublingual HCG Diet

Many people still asking how to take Sublingual HCG drops for weight loss purpose. It is the most easier way ever found to lose weight rapidly and with no critical interventions.

The HCG sublingual drops is a mix. The main component is the proprietary formula serum AE-27 mixing.

This awesome sublingual formula has been proved to works wonders when combined with the HCG powder Pregnyl 1500 iu.

The HCG sublingual dosage is to take 0.22cc or equivalent 4 drops of the already made mixture at least two time per day.

The first HCG dosage early morning previously washed mouth clean. You will use 4 drops as described on the dropper tool.

You will wait for at least 30 minutes for the mixture to disappear under your tongue after absorption.

Then you should start drinking water, coffee or tea as you like. Don't worry after this until you arrive to lunch time.

Very important is that should be at least 12 hours apart every HCG dosage. Do your best to take it at the same time each day.

The second HCG dosage you will take it basically at bed time. No matter, at least remember the 12 hours in between each HCG dosage. It matters how to take HCG sublingual and will work best anyway!

how to take sublingual hcg

Take Sublingual HCG And See How Pounds and Inches Comes Down

Before doing any HCG diet for weight loss procedure, information matters. If you read the HCG diet recipes book you will be safe and your weight loss success is secured after your 21 days journey.

Nothing make me laugh more than any great joke when I read statements of said "scientific guys" saying that the use of Oral hCG or Sublingual hCG is an ineffective method of delivering hCG to the body for use in the hCG diet.

Trust me! Too much talking with no real proof afterward. I bet you 100 percent thay have not the usual: Don't talk about anything until you try it first. Otherwise all HCG dieters are liars!

Do you are honest enough to stand up against this guys HCG weight loss testimonials that sublingual HCG do not works.

how to take hcg sublingual

How To Take Sublingual HCG Results Depends On A 500 Very Low Calorie Diet Recipe

There are many normal people of all types of life activities who has taken this sublingual HCG formula achieving great success in reaching their desired bodies for life.

We dearly recommend you to read the HCG diet information, compare and carefully observe the photos of the weight loss testimonials posted within this website.

We don't buy photos to post for beauty. We ad real photos of people who know how to take HCG sublingual and are experts using the sublingual HCG diet only.

Our job is to building new figures for life and developing new silhouettes for life not just selling our products.

We are subject to our ethical standards and we will never recommend something except it works. And our product is proven to work!

We provide suggestions that if you really want to shed pounds and inches rapidly and easily, here is the best place to learn how to take sublingual HCG anyway.

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