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hCG Hormone Treatment - Affordable Oral hCG Hormone for Weight Loss

hCG Hormone Therapy Results Using Oral hCG Diet Treatment

As you already know, hCG hormone therapy is used to gradually reduce weight loss and fat at a daily rate of 1 to 3 pounds while keeping your health safe.

So far, between the so many methods to loss weight already published is the only one who work effectively within the short period of 3 phases; on which the preliminary 2 phases include 21 days each.

Apparently looks too long but is not. Once those 2 phases are fully accomplished you realize it take you to your weight loss goals previously established when you started the hCG diet program.

The phase 3, the easy one is when you enter into a "Clean and Healthy Eating for Life" program where you are guided to smart food selection in relation to the hCG hormone therapy process.

How The hCG Hormone Treatment Works

The hCG hormone treatment works very simply. The first thing you would have to do is to develop your weight loss goal you would like to achieve at the end of the hCG hormone therapy program.

Despite the hCG treatment therapy helps you to gradually loss 1 to 3 pounds per day, results are varied.

There will be days when you don't see any changes in the scale but you will see physical changes in your body contours, your profile and on hanging rolls.

Most interestingly, is that you don't loss any muscle mass as it happens with most weight loss very low calories diets(VLCD) where people even suffers temporary anorexia.

Sometime it is difficult to imagine that you have the opportunity to reduce between 21 to 63 pounds in a 21 day period - of course, it all depends on your body mass - but it really works!

hCG Hormone Therapy Expectations

Most of the people who have joined this hCG hormone therapy program come with great expectations and that's good.

Once you enter the phase 2 of the hCG maintenance program is when you feel boosting energy and vitality for your daily activities, improved well being, emotional feelings and in a very positive mood.

Needless to mention the improvement in your skin tenderness, elimination of hanging rolls at the same time maintaining your muscle mass while you are still losing whether weight or fat.

I assure you...this doesn't happen with other weight loss therapies where people get in a starvation level.

As we are following Denisse testimonial daily, let's see what the day 19th. day of the hCG hormone therapy program results are.

hCG Hormone Treatment for Obesity's Instructions

I have 2 more days to go and I'm getting excited. I'm trying to keep myself away of food temptations so I don't break my diet especially on the last days.

This morning I weighted myself and looked myself in mirror as usual. No weight changes. In addition I took my first oral hCG sublingual dosis and went to work.

It is hard to find clothes to wear now because all my jeans are too big which make me smile every morning. I will need to go shopping again.

At lunch it was very hard to control myself because my coworkers had a picnic. They brought chili, pasta, dessert...a lot of desserts, chips and drinks!

I just brought a salad and that is what I had. It was very hard to not take any additional food. I had to leave the lunch room fast.

And then in the afternoon I kept thinking about all the food it was in the lunch room. It is hard to not fall in temptations with food in these situations.

In the afternoon I worked out very hard with me trainer. Since I have set new goals of maintaining my weight in the hCG maintenance phase 2 and build muscle at the same time, I got a new exercise program that will be effective next week

I will need to do intensive cardio 2 times per week in addition to the normal weight lifting I'm used to.

hCG Hormone Treatment Success Story Thought

"Be balanced and keep your goals in mind while you are at risky elevated food temptations not included within the hCG hormone therapy program."

The hCG hormone treatment phase 2 maintenance program is right at the corner.

In just 2 more days I will be ready for it, and I will take measurements and pictures to share these with you.

In addition, my trainer calculated the new daily calories value by using my current weight and height for my phase 2 maintenance.

His advice was, "when you start the maintenance phase 2, you will need to maintain your food calories count at this new % to help reset your hypothalamus. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING that is not in the Maintenance Diet list."

In the evening I took my second oral hCG sublingual dosis and I went to bed.

Two more days to accomplish the hCG phase 1 therapy treatment. This is a perfect time to invite you to subscribe to the hCG hormone therapy program that works!

19th. Day - May 8, 2009

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