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Employment Opportunities Part Time
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Employment Part Time
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Employment part time offering from Quality of Life Global, Inc.. We are looking for a motivated group of professionals to join our outreach-marketing team.

We are expecting applications from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

Your part time employment job will be to recruit targeted obesity suffering people which you will bring to high quality information related to how to lose weight rapidly at a rate of 1 to 3 pounds per day.

Your employment part time job is straight forward - "to share only the information you know" - and all of it is within our website.

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Part Time Opportunities - What We Looking For

You'll communicate with them via direct contact, phone and email, so your message whether written and verbal communication should be excellent.

We're looking for people who are comfortable talking to new people and following up, and will do whatever it takes to get the message - employment part time - job done trough.

You will also be responsible for managing relationships with already made customers to get more leads and recommendations, solicit feedback and generate repeat broadcasts messages everywhere.

Repeat usage follows a great experience and you'll be responsible for managing that. Your feedback on what else should be done to achieve your personal objectives will be used to iterate features on QLG.

In the course of recruiting obesity suffering partners to QLG, you should be able to walk them through all steps and discipline of the HCG diet phases to ensure their final success.

We'll expect you to be familiar with QLG website content and outreach potential customers with great ethics and responsibility.

Employment Opportunities Part Time

  • Reach out to artists, celebrities, athletes, conferences, etc. and get them to use HCG diet products, to participate and broadcast QLG message too.
  • Manage relationships with content partners, gather feedback, and get them to continue to broadcast.
  • Organize and manage on outreach promotion for other partners.

You can surely make a lot of money with us!

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Time Part Time Employment Qualifications

  • Positive, can-do attitude about outreach
  • Comfortable talking to doctors, naturalists, clinics, beauty centers, beauty saloons, spa centers, gyms, dietetic sale centers, celebrities, marketing directors, etc and cold calling if necessary.
  • Interest in networking and working with premium content partners.
  • Experience with participating, generating and building social groups.
  • Experience tracking and reporting results in an organized manner.
  • Bilingual in any language is an added value but not a limitation. All applicants are to be considered.

To apply please send a resume to QLG with "HCG Diet Advisor Interest" in the subject. We will then quickly get back to you with the next steps.

Amazing Part Time Employment Opportunities at QLG, Inc.

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