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To lose weight an african american diet should be modified to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and to live longer.

More than half of african american understand that these factors put them at risk for heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, just a few know their conditions put them at risk for brain diseases leading to confusion and memory problems.

An alternative for these population could be a modification of the daily diet by increasing ingestion of basic grains, vegetables, fish, green tea and soups. At the same time reducing meat, dairy and artificially processed foods.

The American Stroke Association survey recommends african american - "to take action now to ward off these diseases and considers is the key to prevent all sorts of health problems."

The American Stroke Association survey concludes "high-glycemic diet was indeed correlated with an increase in diabetes cases."

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African American Daily Dishes

Everybody know that many classic American dishes are too heavy on the meat. In addition the variation of food ingested during the day does not satisfy the daily energy requirements and most go wasted.

Let's start with the breakfast. Most of the foods within the Western breakfast menu are very unhealthy consisting of pancakes, waffles and cold cereals.

All these food are very processed, you can not lose weight and live longer without adhering to a well balanced diet mostly in a natural form.

A good diet must include different foods at different times of the day, but nutritional ingredients should be the basis of selection what we are going to ingest.

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What African American Should Eat

Just filling the hungry stomach to keep it quiet during the whole day is not a good idea for ingesting food. Getting over all which is advertised stimulating our subliminal senses it doesn't contribute to good living at all.

The african American diet should change and have to go back to feeding with the most natural forms, having rice, vegetables and fish and eating only when you are hungry.

Per example, eating rice and beans is good, but you should minimum read meats, instead some vegetables or fruit salad on the side.

Although everyone needs are different African American should eat until stomach is halfway full with food and at least one quarter filled with liquid such as soups as long as they don't have too much salt and are not cream-based, and tea.

Even if your number of meals is two or three, it is reasonable to leave your stomach at least one quarter empty for efficient processing and to just keep fueled through the day with good energy producing food.

See how I change my contour figure from 220 pounds into 185 pounds in just 21 days with the african american diet.

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Oral hCG Diet For African American Weight Loss

As you can see, eating healthy is extremely complicated as long as you get intelligent instructions and directions. It is really hard to keep a healthy eating book at hand with us at all times.

We can not go to restaurants and spent time reading the book to decide what we are going to ingest either.

That's the reason I emphasize the importance role the oral sublingual hCG diet could play in solving this african american weight loss needs and diet problem.

hCG oral sublingual therapy for weight and fat loss could play an important role resolving and alleviating this problem because this therapy is run in 2 basic phases and, a third one which includes a healthful, low-fat, very low calorie restrictive diet(VLCD), vitamins, minerals and regular exercise.

African American Diet And hCG Diet

The hCG for african american diet seems to be perfect on dealing with this high incidence of metabolic syndrome of african american eating problems.

The hCG oral sublingual diet is combined exercise, weight loss, and healthy eating for life diet regimen. The hCG diet program is a 2 phases and a third one which is the most important one.

The hCG diet program focuses on the needs of African-Americans to fat elimination and gradual weight loss following a diet lower in carbs.

The average weight loss over 6 months of exercise is roughly 13 pounds. Considering more than two-thirds of african americans are overweight hCG oral sublingual will greatly benefit the african american community.

Just 2 to 4 drops of hCG oral sublingual doses under your tongue, that's all you need!

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hCG Diet To African American Community

The hCG oral sublingual diet to weight loss consists of 2 main phases. The first phase or phase 1 is called "oral hCG sublingual diet" and the phase 2 is called "oral hCG maintenance diet."

In short the whole diet formula we offer consists of two simple phases using hCG oral sublingual, but includes a third one.

On phase 3, is when you learn the Clean and Healthy Eating For Life Diet to help african american how to eat properly in order to maintain and keep your new real weight forever.

We suggest you to follow the ideal african american diet to take your step to a new and long living healthy life at the same time you are reducing 1 to 3 pounds of weight per day and burning fat faster than any other diet.

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