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It takes 21 days to complete the phase 1 HCG of Dr. Simeon's weight loss protocol and we tried hard to make it easy going for our customers.

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Start Your HCG Diet With Clear Weight Loss Expectations

When you place your HCG diet order it is very important to have secure clear weight loss expectations. It is an easy to manage weight loss protocol when using oral sublingual, but very hard when using HCG injections.

The good thing about when you get your HCG diet is the absorption power under the tongue. It only take less than 5 minutes to get fully absorbed and start working allover your body.

As the photo placed above tell many words, the important thing is how does it change your old round figure into a new figure for life.

Your contours, hanging tissues and love handles dissipate quickly. Is something you will love to see every day when you look at your profile in the mirror.

As our HCG dieters said - the sensational feeling of well-being is the most difficult to describe - but results of 1 to 3 pounds every day coming down on your scale payback tenfold the investment to buy HCG diet. I dearly recommend it!

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