hCG Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Oral hCG and Low Carbs Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The hCG and Low Calorie Diets (VLCD)

The hCG low calorie diet described by Dr. Simeons includes a very specific 500 calorie VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). It is so powerful!

Throughout the years I never supported any low calorie diets because of what the body can get exposed to.

I call these roller coaster diets because, you starve yourself, you lose weight and muscle and fat and then you start eating again and you put more weight back than when you started.

But with that being said, this is the first time in over 20 years in my career that I have endorsed, promoted and sponsored the hCG low calorie weight loss program.

Why I Recommend the hCG Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

The only reason I stand behind and endorse this amazing program is because of the magic that hCG very low calorie diet has that allows your body to be in a low calorie diet and maintain lean body mass to everyone no matter the race.

When I said in a low calorie diets during hCG, I mean that your body is just taking a low % of calories of your daily values diet.

What really happen with low carbs diet menu is that the hCG tricks your body into believing that it is getting as many calories as he wants.

Because once your body get used to the diet of lower calories, your body release stored body fat as calories.

When your body is responding to the stored body fat as fuel, it no longer recognize your body as low calorie diet and therefore is not going to atrophy any muscle or try to slow down your metabolism.

And this is the magic of hCG low calorie diet plan! hCG allows your body to be in a low ingested calorie daily value by burning stored body fat and not letting your body recognize it's been starved.

Low Calorie Diet Harmful Side Effects

The reason low calories diets without hCG seems to work so well is because when you go to a low calorie diet, your body doesn't respond until fat loss immediately.

This is why you lose so much lean body mass, and yes you are going to see some weight loss right up front.

But the longer you stay in a low calorie diet the longer it will take to see the overall results.

That is why a lot of times anorexia - a horrible eating disorder - it is so prevalent in people because they starve themselves to lose body fat.

But when they get into the scale they lose weight but when they see themselves in the mirror they are still fat. And there is a reason why they are still fat, it is because they are.

Wrongfully done hCG diet treatment without maintenance finish like this one below. I am sure you don't want this type of results!

patient treated with low calorie diet

Low Calorie Diet Menu - Survival Starvation

By being in a very low calorie diet what it is happening to them is they are starving at their muscles and slowing down their metabolism.

And the body know they are not getting any calories or renewed fuel, so it is not letting that stored body fat go as easy as it should.

Instead it is finding other ways to survive, by letting your muscle go away and by slowing your metabolism.

Obviously at a certain point, the body can't afford to lose any more muscle, so it is when the body starts releasing body fat.

This is when you are start seeing the effects of anorexia are noticeable in people.

Then the body program itself to store body fat when you give it some fuel, because it realizes that at some point he is going to starve again.

hCG for Long Lifespan and Happiness

Having a low calorie diet without hCG it can cause muscle atrophy.

The body wants to store as much body fat as it possible can, this is our survival mechanism. Low calorie diets without hCG will cause muscle atrophy and fat retention.

It take 18-20 days maybe even more in a low calorie diet before the body decides to release body fat for fuel.

This is why you lose weight so quickly, and then you have to go to a lower calorie diet while dieting to get that % body fat loss.

I believe that hCG low calorie diet is an excellent way to be in a reduced calorie diet, and still maintain lean body mass.

The magic of hCG low calorie diet helps lose body fat, maintain a lean muscle and creates a healthy vital lifestyle that you may have never before seen as an overweight or obese person.

I endorse this product, I don't think it is the best diet for everybody, but I do believe that if you don't have the help of a professional trainer or nutritionist, and if you are trying to do this on your own, it is a simple, easy and effective way to create longevity and happiness.

Having said so, I do recommend you to subscribe now to get real hCG and low calorie diet information for effective and healthy weight loss. I am sure you won't regret it!

Moreover, if you prefer to order or buy hCG online right now you may also do so.

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