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Oral HCG Drops To Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol

Get your HCG drops for sale and start your path to a new figure for life with this simple modofied Dr. Simeons HCG diet for weight loss protocol.

Now all HCG dieters are taking over this oral HCG drops because is the most easier way to transform round shaped bodies into lean bodies, completely free of fat.

The great absorption power of sublingual HCG diet provides 97% of HCG powder active ingredient to distribute evenly allover your body.

The beauty of this simple procedure is that you just need to apply 4 drops twice a day under the tongue, and continue with the 500 very low calories diet as described in the pounds and inches Dr. Simeons protocol for weight loss.

Results are amazing! 1 to 3 pounds per day are shed out without the need of HCG injections. The most affordable HCG drops for sale diet treatment you will ever find and still producing great weight loss results.

hcg drops for sale

Oral HCG Drops That Works Wonders in Fat Burn

This oral HCG drops dissipate quickly under your tongue in less than 5 minutes. It is recommended not to take any liquid at least for 30 minutes to secure powerful absorption.

After those 30 minutes you may start drinking liquid, whether coffee or tea and plain water. At least 2 to 3 litters of water per day should be consumed.

Then you have to wait until lunch time to start your first 500 very low calories diet serving plate consumption.

Although snacks are permitted within the 2 serving you have to do during the day, they should be about no more than 20 to 30 calories.

A Melba toast or fruits are allowed. You can even mix several vegetables on your 2 daily servings, but calories count and should be strictly measured to secure success on your daily weight loss average. You could read more about the HCG allowed foods here!

oral hcg drops hcg hormone drops recipes cookbook

HCG Hormone Drops That Shed Pounds and Fat!

One of the greatest advantage in doing sublingual HCG diet with HCG hormone drops is that this modified weight loss protocol provides all dieters with the amazing HCG diet recipes cookbook which is use as a guideline to carry out the diet.

Within the HCG cookbook you will find hundred of many different recipes already pre-designed with perfect calories count to make your 21 days diet journey easy going.

All you have to do is to prepare your food, bag it accordingly and then take them out of your refrigerator and cook them. Everything is clearly described to develop this sublingual HCG diet easily.

Every day when you measure your weight you will see amazing changes in your scale that will surprise you to not believing what is happening.

Moreover, when you look yourself in the mirror you will see your figure round shape changing, all the hanging fatty tissues coming down and perfect definition of your inner abs.

Don't think it twice! Get ready to start your HCG diet as soon as possible and start transforming your present body into a new figure for life with this awesome HCG drops for sale.

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