Where To Buy HCG Drops?

Where To Buy Sublingual HCG Drops For Weight Loss

Where To Buy HCG Hormone Drops Now!

Where to buy HCG drops to get delivered very quickly if you are interested to lose weight and get rid of some extra pounds of fat to your body?

If there is a place where you can get HCG drops with no prescription and for losing weight, you are in already.

The HCG drops we provide are not homeophatic HCG! So, if you are looking for homeophatic HCG, then I recommend you to move on...Why?

Because the HCG drops we provide are sublingual HCG to be used by applying 4 drops twice a day under the tongue. Just that easy!

We developed a superb modified weight loss procedure like Dr. Simeon's protocol which also provide same or even superior results to HCG shots and homeophatic HCG.

The HCG drops come together in an HCG kit for phase 1 sublingual diet and another HCG kit for the phase 2 maintenance diet.

Before you buy sublingual HCG drops for weight loss we still require from you to filling out the HCG medical profile for our doctor to determine if this HCG drops diet is suitable for you. (A new window will open!)

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Where To Buy HCG Drops for Phase 1 HCG

While on the phase 1 sublingual drops diet you are to take 4 drops or 22 cc of sublingual serum AE-27 mix under your tongue, early morning and the same doses before bedtime.

The serum AE-27 product is to be mixed with the HCG powder, which works great when you use it as sublingual HCG drops.

The most critical thing to control while on HCG phase 1 is to keep the 500 very low calorie diet as described within Dr. Simeon's protocol. Everything else stay the same.

When you are on phase 1 sublingual diet you also get the HCG diet recipes book. This HCG book is unique and have 100+ different lunches and dinners servings with pre-calculated and balanced calories.

This HCG book document is electronically sent to you after you place your order. You will use it as guideline. You only have to worry in preparation and cooking of your food.

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Where To Buy HCG Kit for Phase 2 HCG

As we know most of other diets fail in keeping your weight of and in coming back against you, we have developed the phase 2 HCG maintenance diet.

This phase 2 maintenance diet works establishing a set point within your brain hypothalamus in such a way that the weight you got at the end of phase 1 HCG, stay with you forever.

When you order this phase 2 maintenance diet another book, "Clean and Healthy Eating for Life" is sent to you.

This is the book with guidelines which will teach you precisely "what to eat and what not to eat" to maintain your new figure for life.

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What Is The Final Product After I Buy HCG Drops

As you may realize the final product of the HCG diet is not what we sent after you purchase sublingual HCG kits.

The final product is within you. Yes! The new figure for life you already achieved and will maintain for the rest of your life.

We encourage all our HCG dieters users to provide their weight loss testimonial with pictures. As we have been mentioning throughout this site, "our mission is to help as many people as possible all over the world to achieve their new silhouette for life.

As you can see - it is an enormous responsibility -. If we continue doing it we are going to make this world a lot better.More than doing business, our participation have a wonderful meaning in enhancing human lives through weight loss and changing figures forever through fat burn.

We love to think we are doing like Michelangelo tool. Perfectly sculpturing rude bodies and transforming them into a natural beauty.

Our HCG sublingual diet drops job is tearing away forever those hanging peaces of extra weight nobody should carry with them.

So, if you are still looking where to buy HCG drops, don't look any further where to buy HCG drops. Buy your HCG drops from here!

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