HCG Business Opportunity

Business Income Distributor Opportunity

Introduction to HCG Distributor-Resellers Business Opportunity

Many thanks for your interest in our proprietary sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 formula.

You have been selected by Quality of Life Global, Inc. to manage its distribution to Independent Resellers and Distributors.

QLG has received your inquiry. We have included the details of our sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 below.

There has been a terrific reception for this truly revolutionary product from the weight loss, body building competitions and general fitness industry as well as the press and, most importantly, we are getting "rave" reviews from satisfied customers of all ages and all over the world.

As you are aware, there are zillions of websites and blogs presenting definitive solutions to obesity related problems and its secure result: rapid weight loss and fat burn, consequently building new figures for life.

Distributor-Resellers Financial Turnover

We are looking to work with ambitious people and qualified partners to help drive the growth of QLG company and share its success promoting this amazing product by "an example" or by "word-of-mouth".

Wholesale Pricing for Phase 1 Sublingual Diet

$ 20.00 commission

The quantities of sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 that you purchase over time will all be counted in rate calculations and work toward lowering the ongoing per unit rates.

Rates are not retroactive. We can provide point-of-sale and other marketing materials.

It is important to note that exclusivity can not be provided nor are the residuals on subsequent years of service.

Wholesale Pricing for Phase 2 Maintenance Diet

$ 30.00 commission

Wholesale Pricing for Complete Diet

$ 40.00 commission

Application Form for Distributor-Resellers

Please complete and return the Application form attached below as a first step. You can e-mail it back to us and we will then quickly get back to you on next steps.

There are a number of important requirements and guidelines to ensure the highest and most ethical marketing standards are maintained.

These guidelines will be detailed in an Agreement with our company which each partner must sign.

You will find a list of some of these sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 Reseller Requirements below. Please, review them carefully.

Distributor-Resellers Marketing Limitations

Please keep in mind that no one is authorized to resell sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 on eBay or any online auction sites, telemarketing, blast e-mails or direct mail.

Also note that you can not build a dedicated - sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 - only website.

If you plan to distribute the product, advance clearance for any sale to retailers with more than 5 stores is required to avoid conflicts.

Creative for online sales and advertisements also must receive prior approval from QLG. Please note that we do have approved copy and photography within the website that you may use for this purpose.

The Amazing Market Opportunity

Our experience suggest that sublingual HCG weight loss diet serum mix AE-27 is an incredible product that functions perfectly and provide clear and solid weight loss results to obesity provided the 500 low calorie diet is follow as suggested.

It has become the fastest growing weight loss diet company within the United states, Canada, Europe and we expect it will be the same all over Latin America and the Caribbean in the years ahead.

We strongly believe there is a significant business opportunity for you through our Independent Reseller Distribution Program and we look forward to hearing from you.

Now, hopefully everything is clear for you then proceed to next step Introducing Sublingual HCG Weight Loss Diet Serum Mix AE-27 and HCG Maintenance Diet proprietary products.

Please, print this page.

HCG Business Opportunity

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