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hCG Sublingual Drops For Weight and Fat Loss

You may be using hCG sublingual drops with hCG free recipes as a therapy method. Certainly does oral hCG work for weight loss?

Reading about recent 2009 weight loss success stories we selected the best and easy one to follow with a few hCG drops under the tongue and I feel confident for such wise decision.

The truth is why to go buy hCG injections for weight loss? Why use over costly and painful injections hCG treatment if this one have a lot of outstanding benefits, including certain nutritional hCG foods allowed on maintenance after all?

Well, you know, people seems to follow and go running over whatever is up to fashion during these days. Exactly the same as seasonal dressing on the popular stores.

In my case, I was looking for an easy hCG levels drops' therapy and with an affordable cost.

In addition, in such a way that I will not be compromising my whole health and my lovely body, nor hCG for weight loss failures, neither pushing holes through its beautiful skin.

hcg sublingual drops

hCG Sublingual Drops Therapy Effects

I love my body good enough to use hCG injections. I have found that oral hCG sublingual is relatively easier and at the same time produce the same end weight loss and fat effects.

Together with my husband we decided to get the hCG sublingual drops therapy and searched allover for good information so to get the same or better results then people is showing on many photographic testimonials.

We found this website about sublingual hCG and we found comfortable on giving it a try. At the end, the results with hCG drops were much better in some sense.

In fact, we were looking for something good enough to our personal goals and far away from sensationalism.

Finally, "we gained" - read it well - a weight loss reduction of 30 and 38 pounds just after the first phase of 21 days.

How We Did The 2 Phases Only hCG Sublingual Drops

Although the hCG sublingual therapy consist of 2 phases of 21 days each, we would had lost more but we were very happy with just a goal of 30 pounds on the first try.

We use to look at the mirror a got surprised every day to see how our both bodies were gradually someway abruptly changing from round to straight.

I am not embarrassed anymore to tell you that my last figure was "not diet large size coke" type. Rounded below my neck and extremely rounded behind my waist.

I use to go back every day to read more about the Denisse testimonial on every day of her oral hCG sublingual program to verify I was getting same or better results.

Her results' description while on the hCG sublingual drops program is what gave us - me and my husband - the final motivation to go over this therapy of losing weight and fat at the same time.

hCG Sublingual Drops Phase 1

To make it short, at the end of phase 1 of the hCG sublingual therapy apart from just reducing weight we gain a lot of different and quite amazing results.

So far, I did not find these results covered anywhere. The most important one from my point of view is "how easily the people around you recognize your silhouette changes."

As a woman is very interesting to move away from size 54 to size 38 in just 21 days! Yes, don't get surprised! Those were the amazing changes I loved the most.

The main reason is that I love to keep changing my wears very often and I was indirectly forcing my husband to open the wallet and go shopping together.

Guess what? He also enjoyed it very much as he moved of from size XXX-Xtra large to Xtra-large too.

For the first time in my life I found out he didn't got tired of doing shopping together.

hCG Sublingual Drops Phase 2

Once we pass the 2 to 3 critical days of phase 1 and of getting use to not eating junk food anymore.

The process was relatively easy and went smoothly ingesting just the very low calorie diet(VLCD) of 500 calories per day.

We learn something else. The need to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Just by doing this I found great improvements on my skin tenderness and my wild acne which practically disappears quickly.

Then we went over to second phase, phase 2 of the hCG sublingual drops maintenance diet.

This one I really enjoyed truly. We changed our ingesting from 500 calories per day to 1800 calories per day as was estimated by the trainer.

We did it pretty well too! Just following the hCG foods allowed on maintenance diet together with a set of pills with vitamins and minerals, hCG diet shakes and while this hCG diet you can eat olives to help perfectly reset out hypothalamus.

Phase 2 of hCG sublingual it was not challenging anymore. It was quite an experience when we found out how many junk food we were used to consume allover the year and the changes in expenses we had at groceries store. A lot of savings!

hcg sublingual drops product

hCG Sublingual Drops Phase 3 - Final Results

I don't know about you but this was another relevant fact and benefit we got from this diet therapy.

As I manage family budget and expenses control now, more money is going into our savings account!

Let me tell you something. Don't think it twice. Read this hCG therapy well. Once you gather all the information apply it to yourself.

A smarter approach, I recommend to do it together with a relative. It is more fun with it. During a completion period of 42 days which last, we together lost 68 pounds of weight and fat alone.So you would better subscribe now. You will have a change of life you have never ever imagined with hCG sublingual drops and hopefully the same or superior results too!

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