hCG Diet Maintenance Plan

hCG Diet Maintenance Program

How To Manage The hCG Diet Maintenance Plan

The hCG diet maintenance plan consists of nutritional guidance and instructions to follow in "what to eat and what not to eat" after the end of phase 1 oral sublingual diet treatment.

This easy to manage hCG maintenance program include a re-constituent mix of 4 herbs, vitamins and minerals.

These are body re-constituents that will help you to finally establish the reset point needed for your hypothalamus.

During the hCG maintenance program you are to not loss any more weight at all.

You will finish and stop the 500 very low calories per day diet and will return to the second step of the hCG diet maintenance plan.

On this advanced hCG diet maintenance plan you will adjust your food consumption back to reasonable amounts which could be to 1200, 1500, 1800 or 2000 calories per day.

For such a purpose of establishing this daily food consumption discipline as perfect as possible we will require your feedback as to age, height and type of activity you perform on a daily basis.

The hCG Maintenance Plan

Very important to know is that thanks to your great effort and discipline and no muscle loss you reduced your present weight gradually, losing 1 to 3 pounds average weight loss per day.

As you have experimented during phase 1 oral sublingual diet, controlling what we eat becomes easier if we measure the quantities of food we are to consume on a daily basis.

We will require you continue doing the same but in larger amounts to complete the phase 2 of hCG maintenance properly. Basically, you should not suffer hunger anymore at all!

During this hCG maintenance plan your stomach is still being re-programmed to consume clean and healthy food for the time being and will continue to a more exciting food consumption experience.

When you enter the hCG diet maintenance plan you will be receiving the hCG Diet Recipies Book which you will use to prepare your food on a daily basis and with sensational variations you will surely enjoy.

Hasn't been this a relatively simple method of hCG oral sublingual treatment to periodically and gradually losing weight on a daily basis?

hcg diet maintenance plan book

hcg maintenance program

The hCG Maintenance Program

After phase 1 is finished or when your order the phase 2 of hCG maintenance program you will receive your package containing 4 natural herbs, lots of vitamins and minerals to keep you straight without the hidden hunger everyone suffers with hCG shots or hCG injections.

You will follow this instructions rigidly. This is important because we want you to succeed achieving an outstanding figure you were long time expecting during this past 21 day diet.

In order for your "dream figure" to be permanently kept you will need a good supply of body re-constituents to help you build firm muscles while keeping slim and trim.

An intelligent exercise program is recommended. If you want your body strong you need to do something for your benefit. Doing aerobic exercises on a daily basis is of good help.

Now you have your original body contours you dreamed to have.

Wouldn't it be nice to give them strength to stay firm forever? Exercises are known to perform several healthy things on your body.

Toxins elimination is just one of them. But under the skin and between many of our organs we still have normal fat that need to become cleaner than it was before the hCG diet maintenance program.

You know reached some amazing food habits you should be proud of. Help your body a bit and it will pay you back tenfold!

Overall very good health can only be achieved with responsibility.

Start Your hCG Maintenace Plan Now!

Start your hCG diet maintenance plan now. This is another treatment journey for 21 day diet!

This hCG oral sublingual phase 1 treatment with hCG drops worked much better than injections.

Once this next 21 day diet step is completed, you will enjoy a new program called "Clean and Healthy Eating For Life" that will help you to maintain your weight and new slim figure forever.

We are glad we have found "the clue" where most of all commercial diets fail and they don't want you to know!

Once you completed other commercial diets their guarantee offer have already expired and your investment is totally lost. No claiming money back possibilities!

No matter what if you do not eat clean and healthy after any diet, your weight will come back to you.

Don't forget to enter into an exercise plan or exercise program right away. Keep the food consumption habits you have gained forever.

Now we can say you can eat everything you want but...in reasonable amounts!

Stay away from fast food restaurants and fatty food temptations that will put your figure in danger.

Our life is so beautiful that is an embarrassment to be obese. You realized a great physical change.

It was costly though but you accomplished one of the most fantastic thing you have not imagined: a slim and trim figure!

Your opportunity for long life expectancy is now at your eyes, mouth and hands.

You gained great knowledge too. What to do with new hCG diet maintenance knowledge?

New knowledge and experiences should be transferred to new generations to make life easier for those who come after us. That's now, "your responsibility."

Congratulations on your new slim figure you have gained forever through the discipline and process of the hCG diet maintenance plan.

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