Women hCG Diet
Which the Effects Are of hCG Diets in Women

hCG Diet in Women, Find Out How It Works?

What Does HCG Diet in Women Really Do?

Most women hCG diet is taken to solve a basic problem of controlling over weight or keeping the weight straight.

To almost every women this have been an eternal problem specially because she is the main subject target of most fast food and sweet product's advertising.

This is a fact we can't neglect and you can learn about it on radio, newspaper, magazine and in the TV. Everything devoted to stop women from managing the concentration required while they are on women hCG diets.

Poor women involved in the hCG diets, they suffer a serious struggle with this daily bombarding 105 millimeters weapons of advertising, totally suggestive to stimulate her brains to buy this and buy that.

Anyhow, any women taking the hCG diet for women should know this to avoid breaking Dr. Simeons 's protocol to effective weight loss and fat elimination.

Did Denisse, the subject of our first test is able to pass all this round? Let's see what news she have for us during her hCG diet for women's process.

hCG For Women, A Daily Description Of What HCG Diet Do To Women

Today I woke up early in the morning again before my alarm when off.

I feel having a lot of extra energy lately which has helped me to increase productivity in my job.

Maybe it is because I'm in better shape or the B-12 vitamins included in the phase 1 hCG sublingual formula.

I took my first dosis in the morning and weighted myself as usual. No gain no loss...I'm still the same weight.

I looked myself in the mirror and I can see my ribs showing up and a very well defined waist.

I am really happy the way I look now. I'm following the hCG for women diet plan step by step and I'm excited because I have 3 more days to start the phase 2 hCG maintenance program.

On next Monday I will get the supplies for the phase 2 hCG maintenance program which includes vitamins, herb and minerals to help me with resetting my hypothalamus.

My trainer and nutritionist will calculate the ideal daily calories consumption for my hCG maintenance phase 2.

He will also take measurements and pictures to see the overall results after my first 21 days women hCG diet using the oral hCG sublingual diet.

If I really want to build a body figure for life as other women HCG diet did, discipline while on the diet recipes counting is a must!

Women hCG Diet for Obesity's Instructions

In the afternoon, I did my cardio and some weight lifting for 20 minutes. I'm trying to work out every day to build muscle and great body shape.

After working out, I prepared a delicious dinner which included Tilapia fish and salad.

I took my second oral hCG sublingual doses and went to bed. I’m very excited to see the final results.

Meanwhile we, women have to double concentrate on keeping the discipline required to maintain the weight, specially while we are the focus of all this advertising war.

hCG in Women Success Story Thought

"Keep focus and motivate yourself by reviewing the results you have been getting."

If we look back to today's results and concentrate on the hCG for women benefits you will find 2 interesting hCG in women diet effects.

The facts: (1) "having a lot of extra energy" and, (2) "increase productivity in the job." Those are real levels of hCG in women.

Another quite interesting observation could it be that her ribs are showing up and she found a very well defined waist.

What do you think? Isn't this gradual fat losing we mentioned previously the concept of weight is not fat and fat is not weight?

She is just awaiting the right moment to resetting her hypothalamus and she is every day closer to such stage.

As mentioned yesterday, hCG in women have varied results - almost all different - and is logic as no one is built the same way.

But important thing here is...fat is going away!

I am taking again this opportunity to invite you with all my heart to try this women HCG diet and begin establishing your goal to losing 1 to 3 pounds per day of whether weight or fat. But start now!

18th. Day - May 7, 2009

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