Modified HCG Protocol

2 Phases Only Modified HCG Diet Protocol

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons Modified HCG Diet for Weight Loss Protocol

We develop a modified HCG protocol to help all those of you who are following Dr. Simeons exact weight loss protocol. As you may realize the protocol is about 50 years old.

Considering this, we developed a modified weight loss protocol version using Sublingual hCG diet for under the tongue applications; which includes also a 500 very low calorie diet together with the HCG powder Pregnyl 5000 iu.

The original Dr. Simeons weight loss cure protocol brings a lot of failures to new HCG dieters, and this obey to lack of knowledge concerning the phase 2 HCG maintenance diet.

Everything change with time. To support HCG dieters we developed a modified Dr. Simeons weight loss cure protocol in 2 phases only, and of 21 days each.

The greatest advantage of using the Sublingual HCG formula for weight loss when integrated with the serum AE-27 is increased absorption power under the tongue.

As you figured out, to lose 1 to 3 pounds per day of weight and burn fat all over your body, there is absolutely no need of complicated HCG injections anymore. Just follow this modified HCG protocol and you will succeed!

modified hcg protocol

This Modified HCG Diet Works Over Your Brain Hypothalamus

It has been a nightmare for HCG dieters to get qualified 500 very low calories diet to accomplish this modified HCG protocol for weight loss.

People suffering obesity or excess weight desperately and spontaneously get what ever they find on the Internet.

Our modified HCG diet includes an amazing 61 pages and more than 100 different free recipes HCG Diet Recipes Book with perfectly balanced calories to each serving - lunch and dinner and snacks - so you will save valuable time while on the weight loss protocol.

This is a worry free method for approaching the Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol with the certainty that you will loss weight and burn fat, and at the same time rebuild your body figure to the figure you ever wanted to have.

Our modified HCG diet version should be done in 2 HCG phases only. Each HCG phase is for 21 days. The first one - HCG phase 1 - is for the purpose of losing weight and get away that abnormal fat that turns people sad.

When this modified HCG weight loss cure protocol version is followed with the right discipline - as defined within the HCG cookbook - you are sure to be on your way to lose 1 to 3 pounds per day the easy way.

The second HCG phase - HCG phase 2 maintenance is to fulfill one only purpose. To establish a fix point within your brain hypothalamus and to keep your weight off forever.

The final results of following the 2 modified HCG diet phases is to accomplish what you have been looking for - a new figure for life - free of fat, hanging tissues, perfectly delineated abs and love handles.

modified hcg diet modified hcg weight loss cure protocol

Modified HCG Diet Protocol Works for Everyone!

The modified hCG diet works for any type of person, male or female, old and young; and there is no need of painful and complicated HCG injections.

With today's human method of feeding with fast food, with so many restaurants offers that you see nice pictures of the plates but not visualize the cooking process, you swallow enormous amounts of unwanted fat and excessive calories that directly effects your daily requirements.

Your body is the most magnificent gift given by nature and deserves a great respect if we are dreaming to have a long life span.

Isn't it nice to see a lean woman or a fat free man built with clearly defined muscles walking around?

Is not that the type of body figure model you have been wanting to have for many years?

Tell me seriously...Do you really want to change your body for once and build a new figure for life that you may feel proud to watch in your mirror?

It is about time for you to take the most challenging decision for your life...and you must take it now!

Start your weight loss journey of 21 days diet with this advanced modified HCG diet for weight loss protocol and, finish it with the next 21 days modified HCG protocol to keep a new amazing body for life.

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