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Healthy Weight Management with HCG Phase 2 Maintenance Program

The Smartest Weight Loss Management Program

A great concern exist about weight loss management to keep your weight and fat resources in control and from coming back against you.

Keeping the weight of it is not an easy task. But with certain intelligent tips you may be able to handle this problem right away.

Although weight loss management it does requires a tough discipline it is a matter of keeping your mind open to unhealthy habits.

In the mean time, let's do a simple exercise. Stand outside for five minutes and you can easily see that few folks there don't know how to take care of themselves.

When they come out of groceries stores - it's just cart after cart of microwave dinners and sugar filled "juice-boxes" and Ramen for the kids.

As people get more accustomed to eating garbage, stores just put more of that crap on the shelves.

Healthy Weight Loss Management Start at the Store

For instance, I had to stop shopping at the local groceries store near my home simply because the produce was routinely rotting in the bins since nobody was buying it.

One thing I have done is to go to "ethnic" grocery stores where everything is substantially cheaper, rather than shopping a large chain grocery store.

Immigrants know how to eat. The produce is plentiful and fresher, the meat is half the cost and tastier. I can even get "exotic" ingredients unavailable elsewhere.

In the case of the local Asians market, there's even a fishmonger where they'll clean your fresh fish however you want. It will help you to maintain a healthy weight loss management too.

On the other hand, the Hispanic or Latin markets around town also routinely have stuff like plantain and avocado for half of what you'd pay at the "normal" store.

In order to stay lean, we always recommend using the phase 1 of the HCG sublingual program. It helps anyone to loss and control weight and burn fat at the same time it put you in a 21 days journey to long life span and a new figure for life.

Healthy Weight Management - Food Killers: Fructose

Insulin control the hunger kill switch for the body. People are eating things with fructose and they aren't getting this kill switch.

If you over eat raw sugar, you body will generally cause you to throw up. Corn syrup or fructose used instead of sugar means that for most people, they are under fed as far as their body is concerned.

If regular sugar was used, the body's kill switch for eating would kick before a person ends up spending every waking hour stuffing their faces with lard.

Your body is extremely good at sending signals to eat when it is deprived of something. And people are being deprived without knowing it.

Lets look at some more effects of weight loss management related to fructose.

Low insulin means low amounts of energy which means the bodies metabolism slows down which means more food gets stored as fat while the body is sending signals to eat more.

Weight Management in America

In America, you don't need to be eating donuts, candy, soda pop, and cakes to get the fructose. It is happily embedded in canned soups, frozen foods and all sorts of other things like the breakfast cereal that is supposed to be good for you.

From my read of TFA, fructose breaks down in the body the way alcohol does. The liver has to do all the work - glucose is mainly broken down directly in muscles and organs, where it is useful - and turns it to fat, while not raising insulin levels.

Not raising insulin levels means the body doesn't know it has enough sugar already, which means appetite doesn't decrease in the amount it should.

Which better way then to recommend the phase 2 of the HCG maintenance program. There is no better way to keeping your weight from coming back while controlling and resetting your brain hypothalamus to stay lean forever.

Weight Management Tips About Fruits and Veggies

To a perfect weight loss management program fruits have the exact same fructose in it.

Why are fruits better? For one, they come with other nutrients. For another, to consume the amount of fructose in a glass of coke, you'd have to eat a whole bushel of apples.

The logistics prevent you from overindulging in fruits, while soda's are all about overindulging.

The problem are not that people don't understand what the smallest ingredient part in ppm or % of their food composition is, the problem is that people ignore totally the composition of the main ingredient, like fat, and refuse to do sport, and eat a lot during the day and way more than is necessary for their activities, and not equilibrating for a healthy weight loss management program.

Obesity Weight Management Depends on Your Lifestyle

Obesity then it is a lifestyle problem. It ain't one single factor but a combination of many. Having been thin most all my life but finding I had high cholesterol, I was prescribed a popular anti-cholesterol medicine.

Guess what! I began to gain weight passing up what is normal for my height. But my doctor and chiropractor wanted me to lose weight, just 10 pounds.

I found out about HFCS and eliminated it from my diet and within a few months lost 30 lbs. And all I did was remove HFCS from my diet.

I suspect since the anti-cholesterol medicine has an effect on the liver, and apparently HFCS is mostly processed by the liver, has something to do with my weight gain once on the medicament.

I suppose I need to further reduce my sugar intake. But here is a HFCS tip: Bread! I would buy bread that didn't have HFCS in it and git used to which brand I'd buy.

Then I discovered that all the bread I was buying had the ingredients changed to include HFCS. And this I discovered after the cola industry said they would stop selling their HFCS drinks at schools.

Another amazing way to manage your weight is using the HCG diet recipes book as a handy tool for precise calories management while at the same time eating clean and healthy for the rest of your life.

Weight Management of Food Calories

There are plenty of ways to get obese and, yes, shockingly, the most common ones include eating all sorts of calorie rich food without giving your body a way to expend those calories.

That's true to an extent, but our bodies are in fact designed to expel unneeded calories. The sensitivity of these triggers seems to differ from person to person.

Reality is this is one reason some people can eat anything they want without gaining weight, while others can count calories and still become obese.

Exercising daily and eating quite well alone, yet ending up in my mid-twenties at an overweight 230 pounds it is not a good weight loss management by itself.

It turns out carbohydrates - and especially sugars like fructose - cause a rapid blood sugar spike and insulin production, which in turn triggers your body to conserve excess calories in fat cells.

At last, I stopped eating less and started eating differently - no sugars and starches, but plenty of protein and fat - and dropped 75 pounds so quickly I astonished everyone I knew.

Without the carbohydrates - insulin trigger - your body naturally uses only the calories it needs and eliminates the rest.

I do recommend you to keep in mind these figure for life weight loss management tips and ideas and you will be on the safe side of the obesity limit border line.

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