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Oral hCG For Obesity Treatment

Dr. Simeon hCG Treatment Unexpected Results

HCG treatment is the process of using Dr Simeons HCG diet for weight loss protocol. Requires consuming a minimum 500 very low calorie diet.

HCG dieters users benefit from this Dr Simeons HCG protocol by losing 1 to 3 pounds per day along the 21 days diet journey.

Awesome body transformations happens overnight. You will gradually see your body undergoing changes from round to flat. Hanging tissues disappear. Cellulite start fading out. Micro circulation of blood improve in your legs.

The hCG protocol so far is giving unexpected results to Denisse body.

Once your hypothalamus gland is fully reseated you are on your way to your dream goals of weight loss and in the process to build the figure of your dreams.

As previously mentioned, the important concept of the hCG treatment fat loss diet plan is that you are gradually losing 1 to 3 pounds per day.

Even if you don't loss a pound in one or several days, don't get discouraged and remember the fat and weight related concept given by the trainer.

The concept of "fat is not weight and weight is not fat" is my today's application.

Is Denisse discouraged? Let us see what Denisse description of hCG fat weight loss therapy's seventh day experience is:

Oral hCG Treatment Changes To Observe

Today I started my second week with oral hCG for obesity treatment diet.

As usual I took my first hCG oral Sublingual doses in the morning and I weighted myself.

I didn't see any change in my weight today. I asked my nutritionist and trainer if I should expect a change in my weight every day and he told me that each person is different.

Some do everyday, some see changes at the beginning and some at the last days of the hCG diet.

He told me to be patience and keep my diet as it is.I took the pictures and measurements for my first week with hCG diet, and yes! I saw a lot of changes in my measurements around my waist, arms, and back.

While looking at the pictures, I also noticed some changes as well. I was impressed and very happy!!!

Oral hCG Treatment for Obesity's Instructions

Denisse didn't loss any pounds more after the 7th. day!

She understood the concept of "fat is not weight and weight is not fat." It is already showing on her new figure and reflecting well in the mirror.

In the afternoon I trained as every Monday and I took my protein shake to replenish the carbohydrates and amino acid lost.

Before going to bed I took my second hCG doses and I will be looking forward to see more results.

hCG Treatment Diet Success Story Thought

Remember, do not give up even if you don’t see changes in your weight because your hCG diet is still burning fat and you will notice this by looking yourself in the mirror.

The first hCG for obesity treatment for the first week has been finished. Even though result are varied, this is just the beginning of a great accomplishment in relation to previously established goals.

Now, to concentrate over the effects during the second week. What will happen next? If you would like to know more, subscribe to the amazing rapid weight loss oral hCG treatment plan.

8th. Day - April 27, 2007

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