Obesity Eating Disorders

hCG Sublingual To Obesity Eating Disorders

Obesity Compulsive Eating Disorder

Obesity eating disorders offers a great opportunity to using oral hCG sublingual therapy to find a definitive solution to this serious problem many Americans are facing today.

I strongly believe that this hCG therapy effects could be rather than sensational pretty good and effective in solving the compulsive eating disorder problem.

Let me tell why. With hCG therapy method and the very low calorie restriction diet of 500 calories per day during phase 1 would directly effect those episodes of uncontrolled eating or binging and compulsive overeating.

In fact, they could be substantially reduced. Leaving aside the periods of intense guilt or depression the oral sublingual hCG therapy may be of good help to resetting these individual's hypothalamus.

Compulsive Eating Disorder And Hypothalamus

Although those with compulsive overeating disorder typically do not purge themselves with vomiting or laxative use, the strong desire to eat can be easily overcome by brain signals from the hypothalamus gland.

The hypothalamus resetting could play over the emotional component even though most sufferers use food as a way to hide from emotions, fill a void inside, and cope with daily stresses.

Obesity eating disorder people large percentage are male and tend to be overweight and have a history of weight fluctuations.

Wouldn't is here were hCG oral sublingual play a significant role over obesity related diseases?

I am sure that if people with these type of abnormal eating habits are treated with a few hCG sublingual drops under the tongue there could be wonderful results even when not physically hungry.

Oral hCG Potential Solution To Obesity Eating Disorder

Why? While one is using the hCG therapy and overcome the first 2 to 5 days of food cram at the beginning of the therapy program the rest would be relatively easy.

People learn the discipline of a very low calorie diet and train the body to accept the right amount of food typically necessary to sustain the daily energy needs.

If obesity eating disorders sufferers are capable to reach the phase 2 of the hCG maintenance program, the recovery is completely possible for compulsive over eaters.

Basically because while on phase 2 of the hCG therapy they go through a gradual process of lifestyle change, different diet recipes and face the example of others.

In addition, they enter into a Clean and Healthy Eating for Life program which includes nutritional assistance with vitamins and minerals.

These are extremely helpful to balance psychological eating needs to anyone with distorted eating habits.

Eating Disorders And Obesity Treatment With hCG

The oral hCG sublingual therapy consist of 2 phases of 21 days each.

People with obesity eating disorders if they do it well could loss from 30 to 50 pounds during this period.

At the end of phase 1 of the oral hCG sublingual therapy is where people get into reducing weight and fat, while at the same time a lot of different and quite amazing results.

Once they pass the 2 to 3 critical days of phase 1 and of getting use to not eating junk food anymore, the process become relatively easy ingesting just the very low calorie diet(VLCD) of 500 calories per day.

Obesity eating disorder people learn something else, the need to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

While just doing this there are great improvements on which the crazy need for food practically disappears.

Eventually during the phase 2 of the oral hCG sublingual maintenance diet the ingesting amount is changed to about 2000 calories per day.

Is during this period when obesity eating disorder people change eating habits and trick their hypothalamus just following the hCG foods allowed on maintenance diet together with vitamins and minerals.

I strongly believe that this oral hCG sublingual diet could be of great help and I would be happy to hear somebody else testimonial on the subject.

Subscribe now, try the oral hCG for weight and fat loss. You will have a change of life you have never ever imagined with hCG sublingual drops and hopefully the cure for your obesity eating disorders too!

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