hCG Oral or Shots Which Works

Which Works Oral hCG or hCG Shots? Compare Yourself

Answers: hCG Oral or Shots Which Works

Arguing about hCG oral or shots which works? People who is short of knowledge and information always argue about concepts on hCG diets.

Obviously everyone wants a quick answer to their hCG oral or shots which works' arguments. The fact is that no matter which one you use.

You are still going to gradually losing 1 to 3 pounds average weight loss per day if and only if following the Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol. End of the subject?

Hold on, this is just the beginning! The hardest part for almost all is to follow the hCG diet protocol and the type of food strictly.

It is usual to get loss with the type of food you could eat while on the diet and does you can not.

If hCG oral or shots which works be sure that If you don't have a digital scale you may get lost to find which work.

So, there is a learning curve out there. You will have to gather a lot of information to manage before getting into this oral hCG and obesity related diet protocol rather than hCG oral or shots which works.

Effects of Your hCG Oral or hCG Shots Which Works Discipline

Let us say, you started the diet and prepared all the food you will eat. But for being lazy you let it go 1 ounce here on the chicken, another one on the turkey or steak, etc. and another ounce there on the vegetables.

Next day you found out your weight remain the same then hCG oral or hCG shots which works?

you may get discouraged because there is no weight loss. Then you may start thinking what's went wrong between oral hCG or shots which works?

You may start questioning the effectiveness of the hCG diet of Dr. Simeons protocol which have stand the time even after almost forty years.

Will you be able to go back and find your mistakes? That's I find very difficult. We are humans and tend to adapt rules to ourselves frequently over passing the limits.

There is something you should know...
Follow the hCG protocol guidelines strictly and your expected oral hCG for obesity treatment results will come no matter what.

Absorption Power Between hCG Oral or hCG Shots

One of the most critical arguments to hCG oral or hCG shots which works is always the one of hCG absorption within the body.

If you use hCG shots they will go entirely under the skin and depending your physical conditions will probably be absorbed totally.

Percentage of absorption? Let's talk a little about it. According to research studies oral hCG might be an alternative therapeutic administration route.

This research study was done by Dr. Daniel Bellusciot, Dr. Leonor Ripamonte and, Dr. Marcelo Wolansky.
Ref: You can download it here!

On this study, volunteers from group G1 were administered a diluted solution of hCG (125 IU) b.i.d. (twice daily; total: 250 IU). One of the doses was taken before breakfast (fasting).

Volunteers from group G2 were given twice the amount of group G1: 250 IU b.i.d (a total of 500 IU daily).

hCG Oral or hCG Shots Lipogenesis

Even though no data appears on the scientific literature regarding an oral administration of hCG in humans, results from this study suggest hCG may be used by the sublingual-enteral route.

Despite plasmatic B-hCG remained undetectable both in Placebo and hCG groups throughout the study, an oral administration of hCG proved to possess therapeutic activity.

Since commercial preparations of hCG contains B-endorphin, it may be tempting to hypothesize that this pentapeptide might account for the pharmacological activity observed on mood stability in the course of the hCG diet protocol.

Concerning the relationship of hCG and lipid metabolism the study reveals not knowing precisely how hCG acts on adipose tissue metabolism.

But if you search deep enough you will find however, some reports which suggest hCG possesses a metabolic activity on adipose tissue (i.e. decreasing lipogenesis).

These actions are not directly exerted upon adipocytes, since fat cell membranes have no receptors for hCG.

3 Outstanding Oral hCG Research Conclusions
hCG Oral or Shots Which Works?

Study found that female obese volunteers participating in a double blind study, and submitted to the administration of an oral presentation of hCG plus a VLCD, decreased specific body circumferences and skin fold thickness from conspicuous body areas more efficiently than Placebo+VLCD vrs. treated subjects.

Concerning hCG oral or shots which works hCG oral administration proved to be a safe and effective procedure on obese treated volunteers.

Related to hCG oral or hCG shots which works more interestingly is, "no side effects were observed in the course of the study."

There are no reports in the literature regarding this administration route to compare research findings.

Compared to placebo treated subjects, volunteers managed with an oral administration of hCG coped more efficiently with daily irritating situations, were in a better mood, and handled home conflicts without stepping up family discussions.

The Final Desicion: Convincing Testimonials
hCG Oral or Shots Which One Works Best?

As you can see there is no possibility to develop a controlled research study with all the information available over the Internet.

Moreover, about hCG oral or shots which works every case is practically personal and according to their own interest.

Which one works best? I guess the point is not to tell the difference in effects because the final results are the same in both cases: weight loss..."punto".

Most critical is to decide to continue being obese and with a healthy warning curve into the future or give it a try to reducing weight loss gradually.

I tried oral hCG sublingual instead of hCG shots just because I don't want to make holes in my body sculpture.

I lost 12.6 pounds in 1 week with oral hCG sublingual treatment and in just 1 day I found out a loss of 4.4 pounds.

Will I argue about absorption? Definitively no! I was looking for reasonable results and fast fat burn while weight reduction quickly and I achieved it.

If I loss weight this way there is no doubt that there was absorption, so hCG oral or hCG shots which works.

I have tried VLCD before and never ever received this solid reduction of weight loss within a relatively short period of time and so easy.

Concerning oral hCG and obesity or, oral hCG for obesity treatment arguing I want to finally point out my photos and success stories against the arguments about hCG oral or shots which works.

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