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Can I Do This or That on HCG Diet?
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Is albacore sashimi or tuna ok to eat on the diet?

Although we don't have references to sashimi within our HCG Diet recipes book which is designed with perfect calories count for Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol, let me tell you may use 3.5 oz sharply weighed Albacore white tune in water. Get the 70 mg lowest sodium as possible.

You may also add a pinch of pepper, a pinch of sea salt (better for you not to use it!), a drop of yellow mustard (no sugar), 1/2 lemon juiced, a little bit red onion chopped, a little bit of celery chopped and, for the wrap add 1 romaine lettuce leaf.

These will make it for you and you'll be safe. Get thinner than ever and safely shed more pounds with Sublingual HCG diet.

Can I drink milk on phase 3 of HCG diet?

You can drink dairy milk and milk products, but for the phase 2 maintenance diet. Milk to drink should be low fat only.
Recommended products: Milk low fat, buttermilk, Kefir, powdered skim milk, canned evaporated milk, goat's milk, half and half milk - limited quantities -. You can eat yogurt, plain and no added sugar vanilla only.

Can I eat broccoli or brussel sprouts on the HCG diet?

Yes, you can eat broccoli and brussel sprouts but not in large quantities. Take account that half cup of broccoli contains approximately 22 calories. You should evaluate your broccoli and brussel sprouts calories; and weight the fresh broccoli or brussel sprouts before cooking to establish the right amount of calories.

Can I eat cottage cheese on the HCG diet?

Any reduce fat variety 2% low fat, part skim of cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, string cheese, cream cheese substitute (non dairy), goat's milk and goat's milk cheese.

Can I eat eggs on the HCG diet?

Sure you can eat eggs. It should be 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites only per serving. You can beat eggs and add onion, green pepper, even hot pepper if desired. Cook at low heat and cover until it is cook.

Can I have garlic on the HCG diet?

Yes, you can eat garlic while on HCG diet. If it is fresh the better. Garlic is not a big deal because you won't eat it by the pound any way. Usually, most meats are cooked with garlic powder which make improved tastes.

Can I oranges while on the HCG diet?

Yes, you can eat oranges while on HCG diet. If it is fresh oranges the better. You can eat oranges but you should measure the ounces of oranges as part of your snacks while on the HCG diet.

Can I have bread on Phase 3 of the HCG diet?

No, you should not eat bread at all. No breads of any type neither "maiz" tortillas. You should not take carbohydrates.

Can I eat salt on HCG diet phase 2 HCG diet?

Yes, you can eat salt in any phase but basically a dash of salt that may be added to the food serving while you cook it.

Can I eat peanuts on phase 2 HCG maintenance?

No peanuts, you can not eat peanuts at all. Stay away of peanuts while on HCG diet.

Can I eat roasted chicken with HCG diet?

You can eat roasted chicken but not that one you find on fast food or supermarkets. They contain artificial oil and may effect your weight loss results. You would rather roast chicken at your home kitchen.

Can I eat salmon on HCG diet?

Salmon fish can be eaten while on phase 2 maintenance diet but never even use it on phase 1 diet. The salmon should be no more than 4 to 7 ounces and preferably steamed.

Can you do the HCG diet without the 10 day cleanse?

Sure you can! But it is more recommendable to do it after the 10 day cleanse. Once your liver, kidney and colon is free of any old residues, gall stones. Clean organs means HCG diet weight loss will function much better.

Can I drink soft drinks on the HCG diet?

You should never drink soft drinks. Must drink a lot of water to clean up your body and reduce food cram. May also drink coffee and tea after your first dose of phase 1 of HCG diet.

Can you eat as much celery as you want on HCG diet?

You can eat celery while on phase 1 of HCG diet, but not in large quantities as calories count on celery consumption. 1 cup of celery have about 14 calories. While on phase 2 maintenance you should eat much more.

Can oral hcg make my tongue swell?

So far, using Sublingual HCG diet we have never received a complain, neither problems concerning secondary issues from using under the tongue applications exception weight loss, fat burn, cellulite reduction, no hanging tissues left overs around the body and wonderful figures for life described on many HCG diet weight loss testimonials.

Can you have boiled eggs on HCG diet?

Sure you can have boiled eggs. But must be 1 whole boiled egg only. You can even add 3 egg whites per serving. That should be all!

Can you eat cottage cheese on HCG diet?

Sure you can eat cottage cheese on HCG diet! But cottage cheese must be of reduce fat variety. Should eat only 2% low fat, part skim of cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, string cheese, cream cheese substitute (non dairy), goat's milk and goat's milk cheese. As long as is low fat there is no problem on eating cottage cheese.

Can I continue eating nuts on the on phase 2 HCG maintenance?

Yes, you can continue eating nuts but 1 serving only per day, because nuts and seeds are high calorie foods and can be diet-busters even though they are healthy foods. Raw nuts are best, as heat destroys enzymes. Next best is dry roasted and unsalted. Serving size is 1 ounce only (about 1/4 cup for roast nuts and 3 tablespoons for seeds.

Can I feeling weak and tired on HCG diet phase 2 maintenance?

You shouldn't. Something is wrong if you feel weak on HCG phase 2 maintenance diet. That could mean you are not eating the right amount of calories per the day. You need to double check the right amount of calories. They are related to your last weight and your height as well. Double check your real body mass index!

Do you have to do the 30 day maintenance on the HCG program?

It is an old HCG diet style protocol procedure. Realize Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol is about 50 years old. More advanced methods have been developed these days.

The best one is HCG Sublingual with 4 drops twice a day under the tongue for 21 days only!. Change your HCG diet to a most advanced and proven protocol to transform your round figure into a new figure for life in just 21 days.

How many HCG drops per day can I take?

If you are using Sublingual HCG diet you need only 8 drops under the tongue per day. 4 drops early morning and another 4 drops at bed time. The great absorption power of serum AE-27 speed up the weight loss results when using the Sublingual drops weight loss therapy.

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