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hCG Weightloss and Osteoarthritis

hCG Weightloss Testimonials:
hCG Oral and Osteoarthritis Chronic Pain

I am interested to share my hCG weightloss testimonials on using oral hCG as an alternative to my long time suffering painful disease problem of osteoarthritis.

I am a person of 50 yeas of age. One of the reasons of my interest in losing weight with hCG weightloss treatment is that I suffer from osteoarthritis.

If you don't know what this is, let me explain: this means permanent and advancing pain and inflammation in the knees and elbows on the arms and, swollen ankles.

I also have been diagnosed with a meniscus tear in the left knee. But the orthopedist told me that if he performs this operation will also damage the front part of the knee, that is always in pain and swollen due to osteoarthritis.

I have been recently visiting the rheumatoid specialist who gave me medicine for the inflammation and pain, so far without any results.

I am unfortunate he never considered I was overweight! It is so sad because this solution to my osteoarthritis would have been taken long time ago.

Looking For Alternative Solutions: hCG Sublingual Diet

After that I was thinking on what to do. My husband was always telling me about trying hCG weightloss - human chorionic gonadotropin for weightloss - and that I have to loose weight and I did not believed him.

Eventually, he shared with me the Denisse hCG weightloss testimonials and I considered very convincing because photos tell real stories.

But since I knew hCG oral sublingual can be mixed with human chorionic gonadotropin for weightloss, I expected it will help me very easily to loose weight.

I though I should try it and here is my daily experience description of my hCG weightloss testimonials.

I already have had two weeks with the hCG oral sublingual diet therapy and I have lost almost 12 pounds.

And in reference to the osteoarthritis and the hCG oral sublingual diet, I have seen a great change that had reduced the inflammatory pain in my knees and arms.

I am not taking medications anymore, which makes me think that I will continue using the hCG oral sublingual diet instead of other medications because I have seen amazing changes.

After the second week, the difference in hCG weightloss can be easily seen on my abdominal profile below.

hcg weightloss testimonials

hcg weightloss

Final Effects Over Pain: hCG Oral Sublingual Diet

One factor that used to affect me a lot is, when I am in a cold room environment. An icy sense feeling of air get introduced in my knees affecting me by increased osteoarthritis pain.

But now, that I am taking the hCG oral sublingual treatment for weight loss, "the icy feeling remain the same but with no pain". For me that is great!

Because before the hCG oral sublingual diet I could not sleep well relaxed and now I don't have the pain even though I am not taking Tylenol or Iboprufen.

This is my preliminary view of the hCG oral sublingual effects over my osteoarthritis pain.

So far, I feel great! This is my after 2 weeks on hCG oral sublingual diet and my personal hCG weightloss testimonials I wanted to share.

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