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HCG Diet Drops Under The Tongue
Fact Or Fiction?

How HCG Drops Really Drops Weight and Fat Together

HCG drops for weight loss it is a fact or fiction? If you look over and read the many weight loss testimonials you will realize there is no fiction component on the awesome results this simple formula provides.

It seems incredible what could happen to your body by just placing a few HCG diet drops under the tongue. In a very short period of time you are to gain awesome transformations!

It all depends on the kind of mixing component to use in order to increase the absorption power required for the HCG hormone.

If the active ingredient is the same for all HCG diets, what is it that this serum seems distribute evenly to the places it will work to break down fatty cells.

It happens that I tried the serum AE-27 sublingual HCG drops formula. It worked wonders over my weight reduction and also shed out my excessive amount of fat I was holding within my body.

It is the most incredible simple method, modified Dr. Simeons HCG diet weight loss protocol. It is still tied to the very low 500 calories diet as required for the formula to work well.

I found out it is affordable when compared to the final results. I lost 28 pounds in 21 days diet and save a lot of money on my groceries. It really paid back tenfold what it promises!

How HCG Diet Drops Pounds and Inches Very Quickly

I just follow the guidelines as recommended within the information received. Also read very carefully the weight loss testimonials along this website.

Did my personal research, gather a lot of notes, develop my list of foods allowed on the diet, purchase my groceries and prepared myself to loss weight.

Ate like an grizzly bear for the first couple of days during my HCG drops treatment. Then continue dropping my food consumption after the third day as described in the cook book.

Weight loss started to show up in the scale. As the HCG diet journey advanced the fat burn reduction presented great signals on my body contours.

Happiness started when my numbers showed up lower weight in my body, belly went out, my arms and legs structure changed, my face looked extremely different and my skin stayed firm!

Dropping 28 pounds in 3 weeks while at the same time your sizes drops from 44 to 36 inches, this is what I call a real change in pounds and inches very quickly!

What The HCG Diet Drops Consist Of?

It is just a matter of putting together the products you receive when you place the Complete HCG diet order.

I received the HCG phase 1 sublingual. This include the HCG powder 1500 iu (Uni Zy), the serum AE-27 and the HCG diet recipes book guide which provides sufficient information on what to eat and what not while on HCG diet protocol for weight loss.

In addition, I got the HCG phase 2 maintenance diet which also came with another electronic digital book with information about "How To Eat Clean and Healthy for Life", which is the HCG phase 3 I am enjoying by now.

Having all this diet drops and the other HCG weight loss drops products components at hand, it facilitates your understanding of the whole Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol process.

My recommendation for you is... save you tons of time today searching and digging everywhere as it happens when I started.

Get into the Whole Complete diet HCG drops formula right now and start hitting your road for a new figure for life.

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