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How To Building Weight Loss Diet Plans With Clear Goals

Weight Loss Diet Plans and Type of Fats

There are many diet plans available online but there are not as effective as the hcG sublingual diet program. Why? Before explaining the reasons, let's start analyzing the type of fats.

Weight is not fat. Weight can represent water retention or abnormal fat which is the excess of fat you eat every day. There are 3 types of fat.

The first is the structural fat which fills the gaps between various organs, similar to packing material. This type of fat is located all over the body.

One example of this fat is the one located under the bones of the feet providing the cushion which we would be unable to walk.

The second type of fat is the normal reserve fat. This type of fat reserves contains the highest caloric value into the smallest form and the body reserves this as fuel for muscular activity and the maintenance of body temperature and it is localized all over the body.

Within any weight loss plans both type of fat, structural and normal reserve can never be called obesity.

There is a third type of fat which it is abnormal. This is the fat that causes extra weight and obesity. This is the one that it is the hardest to get rid of on any weight loss plan.

Why? Because the body locks this fat as a potential reserve of fuel but it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency.

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Be Careful With Weight Loss Diet Plans Which Doesn't Have A Maintenance Program

What happen then when people starve themselves? The first fat that is released is the normal fat reserves. Once they are exhausted the body releases the structural fat and the last resort the abnormal fat will be released.

Understanding how the body releases the fat for survival or by just going into a low calories diets will help you understand why the diets available in the market are not as effective as the HCG weight loss diets.

When obese patients use any healthy free diet plans, they complain that they lose the wrong fat. They feel tired, their face becomes drawn, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement.

Is this your case? The fat that you detest stays on and the fat that you need to cover your bones is becoming less and less.

You find your skin wrinkles and eventually looks old and miserable. This is the most depressing experiences that a human on a free diet plan can have.

This is the reason we find why the HCG sublingual diet is so effective. Just while on the third day of the treatment, the body start releasing the lock fat as a fuel.

What happens next? The dieter user starts losing fat all around the body and seeing their face radiant by just looking at the results in front of mirror.

Find Out About The Weight Loss Diet Plan We Recommend

Any diet plan should have goals. This is a must. When you enter into the HCG sublingual diet program you have a 21 days plan.

When you finish the first 21 days diet journey you will find amazing weight loss results and fat burn as well that will show up on your scale.

While on phase 1 of HCG sublingual diet it is easy to recognize the gradual weight loss of 1 to 3 pounds per day which keeps your expectations very high.

These results are typical to most dieters while they are using the guidelines established within Dr. Simeon's weight loss plans and the weight loss protocol integrated with the 500 low calories diet as described within the most amazing HCG diet recipes book.

Part of this HCG sublingual diet is to consume the 500 low calorie diet on a daily basis. Same digital book is free worry for all dieters users who can enjoy the healthy recipes described on the digital HCG recipes book which you may want to download to check over.

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Achieving a Figure for Life With Our Weight Loss Diet Plans

At the end of the first 21 days diet period you will have got rid of 20 pounds, 30 pounds or even 40 pounds if you follow the process relatively strictly.

The end results of the weight loss plan is achieving a preliminary figure model or new silhouette. This is the one you by now must keep it for long term and relatively tied to you.

Precisely here is where most of other market diets die and lose power. They don't have a clear process to help dieters users in maintaining the weight loss goals achieved with sound sacrifice of their part.

Our HCG sublingual diet offer the HCG phase 2 called the HCG maintenance diet that will help to reprogram your brain's hypothalamus and help you to recreate a set point while at the same time keeping your weight kind of permanently.

As you can oversee this is what we call real weight loss diet. Because they provide results to long term and with proper guidelines helps anyone to achieve the figure they were dreaming to have for a life time.

We have powerful reasons why we recommend this HCG sublingual diet and you can verify by reading over daily weight loss plans testimonials all over this website.

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