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Lose 1 to 3 Pounds Per Day HCG Diet The Easy Way!


Let Us Show You How with HCG Diet Sublingual and HCG Diet Maintenance Program Hundreds of People Lose Excess Weight and How You Can Do the Same

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hCG Diet for Weight Loss In 2 Phases Total of Just 42 Days!

HCG diet for weight loss and fat reduction. hCG Sublingual diet is the only thing you will need to lose those extra pounds. It is called the "solution for obesity" because without the use of injections, it is the most effective permanent solution for obesity.

The hCG Sublingual formula for weight loss is the best discovery in the last 50 years to treat and cure obesity in 42 days. Yes! In a very fast, safe and healthy way.

Since the discovery of hCG, it has been proven that obesity is caused by a dysfunction of the hypothalamus. In fact, obesity can be permanently cured. How? By using the most affordable Sublingual hCG diet and the hCG weight loss maintenance program.

Are you sick of being obese and tired of your looks interfering with your self esteem? Are you one of those people embarrassed of hanging tissues who stay away from the beach and pools? Check your body mass index now!

Let us show you how normal people using the HCG diet get rid of their excess weight, how body builders built a new figure for life, how women built new silhouettes and how by evaluating these weight loss testimonials you can do the same...

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Hey Guys! I have already done the HCG Sublingual diet. It was amazing! I went from 165 Lbs to 145 Lbs. Lost pounds and inches. I am totally satisfied with the HCG Sublingual diet. I am really into weight lifting on a daily basis, but I had a plateau and this really helped. I just finished my 3 weeks on HCG Maintenance Phase 2; so I am on track once again to a healthier me. I am looking for more recipes to continue on my life long diet. Shannon

The Most Affordable And Low Cost Sublingual HCG Diet Program That Works!

Research has shown cases of 1 to 2 pounds of fat reduction per day while on the hCG diet plan. Let us emphasize that research shows 1 to 2 pounds of fat elimination per day not just weight loss.

In a nut shell the Sublingual hCG diet formula is a 42 day diet program. More than 100 clients have been treated with the oral sublingual serum and the Phase 2 hCG Maintenance program. They have reported an average weight loss of 2 pounds of fat per day.

Our experience shows that 97% of those customers using human chorionic gonadotropin maintain their weight loss results long term.

The other 3% fall back into the unhealthy eating habits they were used to and therefore gained weight.

It is essential that you commit and follow this hCG Phase 1 diet and the hCG Phase 2 Maintenance program step by step. We assure you that you will get extraordinary figure changing results for life.

hcg diet products

Benefits Of Sublingual hCG Diet

  1. The hCG Sublingual formula combined with a very low calorie diet tricks and resets your hypothalamus to liberate from 2000 to 4000 calories per day from the abnormal fat weight stores in your body.

  2. The hCG Sublingual diet targets the abnormal fat – the fat you cannot lose with diet and exercise alone – and your skin retracts as you lose the fat, improving skin tenderness leaving zero hanging rolls

  3. The hCG Sublingual diet will make your body undergo some amazing transformations by losing fat and weight. Your body contour will actually change, decreasing its circumference and reprogramming itself making adjustments to its metabolic weight.

  4. After you stop taking the hCG Sublingual treatment you will find that your appetite has changed. After the oral sublingual diet your stomach becomes used to eating smaller quantities of food and you will notice drastic changes to your weight. That new eating behavior will stay with you for life.

  5. To maintain the weight results you achieved from your oral treatment, it is also beneficial to implement a regular exercise routine to keep those pounds off.

  6. With the help of the hCG Sublingual diet your body will adjust to a lower calorie diet – while on other weight loss programs this can result in loss of muscle mass – those on hCG Sublingual diet, however, do not experience this side effect.

  7. While shedding extra pounds of weight helps to improve the overall health of a person on the hCG diet, researchers also believe it helps to normalize the cholesterol levels, the thyroid gland and to balance the hormones while rebuilding the adrenaline glands.

  8. People on the oral hCG Sublingual diet routinely experience less irritability and generally feel in a better mood, having more restful sleep and feeling more energized.

  9. Most customers find Sublingual hCG to be inexpensive, convenient and highly effective.

  10. Customers are very happy with the amount of money leftover as their food expenses over compensate the therapy investment!

The hCG Diet Weight Loss Program

The hCG diet weight loss program is very effective; it can help you lose weight the right way and keep it off long term. This amazing hCG diet program includes:

  1. The hCG Phase 1 diet plan combined with hCG sublingual serum for 21 days to healthy weight loss.

  2. The hCG Phase 2 Maintenance diet program for 21 days to keep the weight and fat loss off for the long term while resetting your hypothalamus.

  3. The basic tips on healthy eating for life and clean nutrition for long term maintenance of weight loss.

The hCG Sublingual Diet Formula

You can start your weight loss diet program by losing 1 to 3 pound per day and up to 15 pounds of weight the first week!

If you follow the weight loss diet maintenance program step by step you will experience the weight loss results that no other diet can offer you at this moment.

You just need to start now and you will be sharing your weight loss experience with everyone. Learn more about hCG Success Stories.

Fast Weight Reduction Results You Can Achieve

Dr. Simeons' weight loss protocol includes improvements to the hCG diet and food selections available.

Modern nutritionists and dietitians have discovered that many foods falling in the "low glycemic" index can be incorporated into the various stages of the diet program.

Our weight reduction plan includes a hCG diet plan that will help you lose from 1 to 3 pounds per day in conjunction with the hCG Sublingual serum.

It will lock your ideal % body fat and will reset your hypothalamus just by following this extraordinary diet maintenance program. Learn more about what is hCG and its exceptional results!

Think about it! Take your next step to hCG Sublingual serum. You can start now delineating your body contours, eliminating fat and getting into your new body shape you always dreamed to have.

You are 45 seconds away from the most amazingly effective hCG weight loss opportunity. You will save thousands of dollars wasted on other ineffective diet programs. This is the pain-free, easiest way to gradually lose from 1 to 3 pounds per day.

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The hCG Diet Recipes Book™ is the first of his kind on hCG recipes for keeping up with the hCG diet protocol Phase 1 of the whole weight loss program.

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