Sublingual hCG

Why Sublingual hCG Provides for Rapid Fat Loss?

Sublingual hCG - The Easiest hCG Treatment

Sublingual hCG is one of the worlds most powerful weight loss supplements you can find today. And we mean it.

Dr. Simeons administered hCG through intramuscular injections. An advantage of the hCG sublingual serums over intramuscular injection is a safety factor.

The preparation of intramuscular injections must be conducted under a very sterile environment and there is more chance of contamination.

Anything injected directly into the body must be carefully controlled. You can not take chances with your health.

While it is still important to observe strict environmental controls in preparing hCG sublingual formulations, there is less chance of anything foreign entering the body through the mucus membranes located under the tongue.

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What Forms Of hCG Are Available?

Modern studies have been able to conclude that sublingual hCG mix can be absorbed at about the same rate as injection methods (100%), in other forms such as: sublingual hCG (up to 95%), or at less rate forms like pills and capsules (about 20%).

A large portion of commercial hCG is extracted from the urine of human females in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

hCG is a protein peptide which can be duplicated in a lab, as well. Both forms are sold as a white HCG powder, usually in a sealed bowling pin shaped glass vial, commonly referred to as an ampule.

Each of these freeze dried compressed ampules of hCG are commonly sold with a one cc or one ml. ampule of solution containing isotonic sodium chloride.

This enables the user to mix the two and have an injectable form of hCG. This should be done by a health care professional to minimize the risk of serious infections.

If an hCG sublingual form is chosen, you just need to mix the hCG white powder contained in the ampule with the hCG sublingual serum provided with our weight loss formula.

Learn more about hCG sublingual diet, please go to the hCG Phases.

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hCG Sublingual vs. hCG Intravenous Injections

Who loves injections? Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom needed to entertain you with a candy to get you distracted so the doctor can apply an injection?

Even if you are an adult, do you still get nervous only by looking at the needle?

Some of us get dizzy or faint just by looking at the needle. Then after the injection, you feel pain in the area injected for a few days.

Imagine having to use a needle every day for 21 days or more just to lose weight?

Would you agree that if someone offers you sublingual hCG serum that is as effective as the intravenous injections, would you take it without thinking about it?

Injections are among the most common health care procedures throughout the world.

It is vital that injections are carried out safely, in a way that does not harm the patient or expose the health care to unnecessary risk.

Some disadvantages of injections are: you can get expose to an infection very easily, and daily shots are uncomfortable which can leave bruises if not done by a professional.

The injection form of hCG is typically shipped in 2 vials: the hCG powder and a vial of bio static water.

Before injecting the hCG, you need to mix the powder with the bio static water and stores the solution in the fridge for the remaining cycle of injections.

If you are mixing this at home, you cannot create a sterile environment.

This must be done in a sterile environment, or serious health issues can occur, that's why hCG sublingual make the therapy easier to manage.

Why Sublingual hCG Serum Work?

Sublingual serum absorption is as effective as the injections. hCG is a protein strand and like any other protein hCG can be broken down in the body to create smaller protein strands or even amino acids.

hCG mixed with sublingual serum can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the rich layers of blood vessels found on the bottom of the tongue and weight loss results from the diet are superior.

The blood vessels under the tongue are so enormous and shallow they can absorb up to 95% of the hCG oral drops.

Peak blood levels of most products administered sublingually are achieved within 10-15 minutes, which is generally much faster than when those same drugs are ingested orally.

In summary sublingual hCG absorption is efficient. The hCG absorption rate has been proven to be up to 95%.

No needles, no infection; just pure hCG weight loss ahead.

There is a difference in oral hCG and sublingual hCG. Oral hCG does not have the properties to absorb into the skin.

If taken hCG orally it will hit your stomach, and the enzymes and acids in the stomach will destroy the hCG.

hCG cannot be ingested through the stomach and still be hCG imposable.

Online Sublingual Serum Distributorship

We have a proven hCG sublingual serum that can give you the results you're looking for and which you can start now!

Our online distributor offers prescriptions to any of those who purchase our hCG sublingual serum.

All you have to do is to fill out a health questionnaire online and our online supplier can have their Doctors approve a prescription in your name that day.

There are two things you must be aware of: first, they require you buy hCG through them, and second while filling out your questionnaire you must list "weight loss" as the reason for your prescription request.

Reasonable Savings With hCG Sublingual Serum

Although you will find that sublingual hCG is a little expensive than the intravenous solution, you need to consider that with injections you are taking health risk, pain, discomfort and extra syringe cost that you won't experience with sublingual hCG.

The additional cost of sublingual hCG dosage taken twice daily is balanced with the cost of syringes and assorted paraphernalia needed when injecting, so it's a wash.

If you can't administer the hCG intravenously, you will need to pay a doctor or nurse to do it every day for 21 days which can end costing you more than $700+.

Do not waste your money and use the sublingual serum which it will be as effective as the injections.

With our hCG sublingual serum, you just need to take a dosis twice per day and the only requirement is that once mixed with hCG, you need to keep it refrigerated.

hCG Weight Loss Legality

You really need to be aware of the following: most online distributors won't and can't educate you properly for giving yourself injections.

The truth is that is quite simple, to get started with hCG most distributors offer you to download the diet protocol "buy your hCG online and begin giving yourself hCG injections."

If only it were really this simple, sadly it is not. hCG is a controlled substance.

hCG requires a Doctor's written prescription in order for you to legally have it and use it.

We have a doctor which can make it easy by filling an online prescription. Your better options are buying online the oral sublingual hCG serum that we recommend.

Avoiding Problems and Respect the Law

So don't get suckered into buying it from just any online distributor without a prescription. It's probably not even hCGand without a prescription, you're breaking the law.

In addition, you need to mix and injected yourself which can lead you to serious and deadly infection if hCG is exposed to bacteria in the air.

These infections can remain dormant in your body for several weeks without symptoms that can cause serious injury or death.

To avoid all these problems we are providing you with a trusty online distributor that have Doctors that can approve a prescription in your name that day.

There are two things you must be aware of: first, they require you buy hCG through them, and second while filling out your questionnaire you must list "weight loss" as the reason for your prescription request.

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