HCG Diet Instructions

Oral HCG Diet Protocol Instructions for Rapid Fat Burn

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol Instructions for Successful Weight Loss

HCG diet instructions are specifically designed for successful weight loss to HCG Sublingual dieters users all over the world.

As we have seen and reading too many complaints regarding other HCG diet formulations all over the Internet, we came out with this amazing Sublingual HCG serum AE-27 formula.The serum AE-27 is to be used for under the tongue applications and still achieving 97 percent of absorption power.

Along the 21 days required to accomplish the HCG diet process, rapid weight loss and quick fat burn results are amazing!

The weight loss HCG diet instructions provided through the 61 pages pre-balanced calories HCG diet recipes book make this HCG diet protocol the most suitable for new dieters users who are lost and don't have the right HCG diet information.

You may be confident that by using this HCG diet protocol instructions along your 21 diet days journey to effective weight loss results, fat burn results and reduced inches on your belly will provide more than your expectations.

Our original weight loss testimonials clearly described within this website establish a strong foundation from where you can start your HCG diet with great confidence to achieve your desired weight loss and fat burn results.

As we challenge our competitors with real before and after HCG photos, here is the best place to pursue the most advanced Dr. Simeons weight loss diet protocol instructions for all those looking to achieve the body of their dreams and the most amazing figure they ever wanted to have.

hcg diet protocol instructions

Weight Loss HCG Diet Instructions on HCG Book

The majority of people get lost trying to find the best HCG diet instructions to achieve their weight loss desired goal. They dig all over to many HCG websites trying to find something simplified and straight forward guidelines to do the HCG diet protocol.

We want to be clear with you! Our HCG diet instructions are specifically oriented to Sublingual HCG diet program for weight loss drops under the tongue.

Although many also buy the HCG diet recipes book to use it as a guide for their HCG injections program, for health security we don't recommend HCG injections unless very well supervised by a health care professional.

By references form many customers we have found this HCG book suitable and applicable to any type of HCG diet weight loss program and we are happy our dearly pre-balanced calories book work is helping many HCG dieters all over the world.

21 Days HCG Diet Protocol Step by Step

The Sublingual HCG diet process is to be done along 21 days. A very low 500 calories diet must be taken every day and during 21 days.

4 drops or 0.22 cc of serum AE-27 mix under the tongue should be applied early morning and before going to bed at night.

No water should be drink for at least 30 minutes after every under the tongue drops application. This way you secure proper HCG serum AE-27 under the tongue absorption.

To work well, 2 meals per day. Lunch and dinner meals only. More or less 200 calories for each one and 2 different snacks or fruits in between.

The 61 pages HCG diet recipes book provides everything you may need to follow the 21 days HCG diet instructions correctly and achieve your weight loss goals.

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