hCG Menstrual Cycle

hCG and Menstrual Cycles

hCG Diet Menstrual Cycle

Concerning the hCG menstrual cycle there is no real evidence that hCG is effective during your menstrual cycle.

There is evidence that claims that it takes about 48 hours for hCG diet to be effective for weight loss after the first dose.

For most the menstrual cycle is about 7 days. So if hCG and menstrual cycle is not helping with weight loss during this time it is pointless to use it.

If you discontinue hCG diet use during your menstrual cycle you have used a total of four days of hCG without any weight loss benefits.

This happen because when you begin using the hCG diet you have to wait another 48 hours to achieve weight loss benefits.

Our hCG sublingual serum is sold in a 21 days kit and this allows for maximum fat loss and minimal cost.

Women are always asking to do more than the 21 day diet, but because of hCG menstrual cycles I discourage women for this long term use of hCG diet.

Because of higher level of progesterone hormone in women during their period, hCG doesn't isolate fat reduction the way hCG should during the hCG diet phase.

You will lose weight due to the low calorie diet but you will lose muscle mass as well.

hCG Diet Menstrual Cycle Maintenance Problems

hCG sublingual serum allows endless possibilities for fat loss, as long as you stick to the hCG protocol diet and continue to take hCG.

The hypothalamus isn't reset until you maintain the weight loss you achieve using hCG diet long enough to reset your body fat percentage.

This can only be done by maintaining the desired weight for at least 18 to 21 days. This is why I think so many fail at weight loss.

They lose the weight, they feel good about themselves then revert right back into their old eating habits.

The Challenge On hCG Menstrual Cycle

The biggest challenge to the hCG diet is the follow up maintenance stage of the hCG diet.

You will not maintain the weight loss without this phase of the protocol diet.

I have spent the past three years looking for ways to assist you in resetting the hypothalamus using a blend of herbs vitamins and minerals.

These will not do the work themselves but I have seen a greater success rate for keeping the fat off while using this blend of herbs.

In short the HCG maintenance phase 2 is more important than the hCG diet phase 1. This phase determines whether you can maintain the fat lose provided by the diet phase even while on hCG menstrual cycle.

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