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Low Carb Diet Recipes For hCG Diet Phase 3

During the diet phase 3 recipes while on Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol you will receive a digital book to "Clean and Healthy Eating for Life."

On diet phase 3 is when you will need the so called "Get in Shape Program." for keeping your weight off forever.

After HCG phase 2 you go to this hCG phase 3 recipes. Obviously, you have already achieved your weight loss goal and you are ready to continue a healthy way of living.

While on diet phase 3 recipes of the hCG diet program having a maximum daily calorie intake is the key.

You will need to calculate what is your maximum daily calorie intake according to your current weight and height.

And then, by staying below this maximum daily calorie intake you will maintain your weight and new figure for life.

It is recommended to exercise regularly! I highly recommend that you add an exercise program to improve your quality of life.

Eating clean during diet phase 3 recipes is as important as exercising. If you are looking for hCG diet recipes, then

you may want to download the Free hCG Diet Recipes Book here!

HCG diet recipes digital book

Here Is How To Do It During hCG Phase 3 Diet!

Listen up! Here is how it works. You eat five to six smaller meals each day and spread those meals out so you eat about every three hours.

That means you never go hungry! The combination of lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains including brown rice are what your new healthy diet will look like.

This will also include fresh fruits, low fat dairy products and healthy fats like olive oil or fish oil.

Does it look pretty simple? It is, and with our program you will be able to achieve this challenge of eating clean for life.

Currently there are 1 billion obese people. Why? One big reason is the fast-food restaurants, even their healthy options are full of carbohydrates and fat that can increase your weight just by smelling their food.

In addition, people have completely forgotten how to eat and rely solely on fast food restaurants.

Start cooking at home! Go grocery shopping more often and include more fruits and vegetables and these will radically transform your body and health as it has done for me and so many others that have enrolled on the low carb diet recipes of hCG 3 phase program.

The hCG phase 3 protocol will lead to the lean and nice body you've always wanted.

Not only that, your blood work results will come back showing a clean bill of health. Clean and Healthy program cleans you from the inside out.

As a result of embracing this new way of eating, you will live a better "Quality of Life." Think about what that could mean for you and your family!

Body Building hCG Diet Phase 3

Many of our subscribers that are bodybuilders have asked us about diet phase 3 and low carb diet recipes calorie intake while on hCG diet phase 3 recipes.

They ask if a 1000 calorie a day on hCG diet is good versus the one suggested for Dr. Simeons.

What I can tell you is that Dr. Simeons' research shows that you have to be in at a 500 calories for the hCG release the body fat accumulated in your body.

If you eat more that what he suggested, then you won't see the results that his patients had during his study.

I suggest you to attach to the 500 calories diet even if you are a bodybuilder while maintaining control over the HCG food list as recommended in HCG diet protocol.

In addition, you will need to follow the hCG maintenance phase to keep your fat loss and reset the hypothalamus.

Some of our subscribers and users of beach diet recipes phase 3 have asked as well about a 1000 calorie hCG maintenance diet.

During the hCG maintenance diet...Yes, you can have more than a 1000 calories, but this depend on your height and current weight.

For example a women weighting 142 pounds after the hCG diet and with a height of 5' 11" the right daily calorie intake is 1,600 calories per day.

This is the max she will be able to eat while on the hCG clean and healthy eating for life maintenance diet phase 3 recipes.

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