HCG Under Tongue

Under Tongue Drops For Weight Loss

HCG Under The Tongue

HCG under tongue applications are carried out with the HCG sublingual diet treatment for rapid weight loss to happen.

The sublingual modified Dr. ATW SImeons HCG diet protocol has been getting a lot of excitement due to its amazing results in shedding 1 to 3 pounds per day of both weight and fat.

The system is pretty easy to follow and to manage. It is carried out during 21 days while at the same time, using the 500 very low calories diet consumption as described in the pound and inches protocol.

You loss weight rapidly and gradually almost every day. Sometimes 1 pound per day, sometimes 3 pounds per day or an average of both.

People who uses under the tongue drops described awesome weight loss results together with radical silhouette and figure changes and transformations.

When using HCG under tongue love handles disappear, round figures change to lean figures, lower extremities micro circulation get improved and overall, an amazing sense of well being and improved health conditions which normally effects to overweight and obese people.

hcg under tongue

Under Tongue Drops For Dr. Simeons Protocol

To HCG dieters HCG under the tongue start early morning, by placing 4 drops of serum mix and staying at least 30 minutes without drinking any liquid.

You may take a quick snack sometimes in the morning and before lunch. But basically, to achieve and secure success with under the tongue procedure you should go clean up to lunch time.

At lunch time your serving will be about 200 calories meal. That include about 100 grams of any protein and a mixture of 2 to 3 veggies to make the serving kind of tasty.

You move along with another snack between lunch and dinner of about 25 to 30 calories or less.

At dinner time you will also take a serving plate of about 100 grams of protein together with veggies to account to 200 calories.

After dinner you are allowed another snack with about 25 calories. To keep your daily supply of vitamins to your optimum needs, specific fruits are also allowed.

hcg under the tongue drops

HCG Under The Tongue Drops For Weight Loss

This HCG under the tongue drops is better when you use sublingual HCG diet for weight loss.

Let me tell you why... This modified procedure is integrated with HCG powder Pregnyl 1500 iu (Uni Zy), the serum AE-27 which you will use to mix the HCG powder and the revolutionary HCG diet recipes book.

The HCG diet recipes cookbook is the best guideline you will have to accomplish your 21 days diet with success. Trust me, without it, your chances to achieve the figure of your dream would be at stake.

A serious commitment is required to lose weight. You should follow the cook book guidelines strictly and to the point with no deviations.

If you want to gain confidence we recommend you to read the HCG testimonials posted on this website. Once you feel ready to start HCG you only need to filling out the HCG medical profile.

Whenever you feel kind of ready to transform your present round shaped figure into a new figure for life then and only then proceed to order the HCG under tongue phase of your choice.

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