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Here Is How To Buy Oral HCG Form

Here is how to buy HCG oral form for Dr. ATW Simeons HCG diet protocol for weight loss.

The form of HCG is oral, to be taken twice a day, early morning and late at night when you go to bed.

It is so far the easiest way to do the HCG diet protocol because there is no need to do HCG shots or HCG injections that scare people and are also costly.

The added advantage of taking this HCG form is that you only need to place 4 drops or 0.22 cc under your tongue.

A HCG dropper comes together within the HCG kit which you can use to measure the daily HCG dosage required to accomplish the diet.

Even though this HCG diet protocol is modified to only 2 phases of HCG, you are still required to pursue the daily 500 very low calories diet as required for successful weight loss.

When you use this oral HCG form, once you place the 4 drops twice a day, you have to wait for at least 30 minutes before drinking any liquid. More about how to buy HCG...

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Here Is How To Buy HCG Oral Form

If you where to buy oral HCG the absorption power of the HCG powder elevates to 97%. This is good enough active ingredient to break down the fatty cells structure within your body.

On your scale you will see daily reduction of 1 to 3 pounds per day of both weight loss and fat burn.

Just picture yourself taking 4 simple drops twice a day. Isn't it easier then making holes in your pretty nice skin? Isn't it nice to develop a new body figure or a new silhouette for life without using painful HCG injections?

You may know already the many problems involved while using injections. Why then if there is a very simple and manageable alternative which produces same or better results?

Still with doubts on how to buy HCG? Get ready to see awesome body profile transformation as seen in the picture below. But, there is still an added advantage. Let me talk more about it...

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Components of Oral HCG Form

When you buy oral form of HCG you also receive the HCG powder 1500 iu, the serum AE-27 to mixing it, the dropper, the instructions to prepare everything and, the amazing HCG diet recipes book which include 100 plus different recipes to accomplish your 21 days diet journey successfully.

Needless to say, here is where most of all other HCG diet procedures fail. You buy any other HCG forms and then you will be getting crazy looking all over the internet for phase 1 diet recipes.

With the oral form HCG you eliminate all these worries. Everything you need already comes together within the HCG diet cookbook.

The only thing you will have to worry is on preparing your food and in cooking it.

So, follow our recommendations. Convince yourself reading how to start HCG diet, checking HCG testimonials, compare results of successful HCG dieters and then learn how to buy HCG by clicking here.

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