What is hCG?

Why hCG Weight Loss Diet Works?

What Is hCG?
What's Behind hCG Weight Loss Cure

What is hCG? is a common question. hCG is scientifically defined as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

It is a natural accruing protein hormone that develops in the placenta during the first trimester of pregnancy shortly after conception.

This protein hormone is recognized as a peptide. Peptides are a class of hormone that is secreted into the blood stream and aide in endocrine functions in living animals.

Why hCG Is The Weight Loss Cure?

hCG is being called the weight loss cure because it is an obesity weight loss cure.

hCG is believed to help reset the hypothalamus by sending signals to begin breaking down and using abnormally high body fat as a primary fuel source.

These signals are believed to be sent when the body is experiencing a reduced and low calorie diet.

These signals also believed send a message out to conserve and maintain lean body mass i.e. muscle mass.

Without hCG to assist you during a low calorie diet, your body will begin to deplete muscle.

This results in lowering your resting metabolic rate "RMR."

This means that if you lose muscle you also lose metabolism. For each pound of muscle that your body loses, you also lose about 50 calories in metabolism.

hCG stops this cycle by tricking your body into believing it is getting the calories it needs. Basically, that means the 21 day diet and what is hCG.

How? It replaces ingested calorie values with stored fat calories. This creates exceptional benefits including fat loss results and amazing body transformations.

The hCG Secret And Its Exceptional Results!

Most of you reading about what is hCG have had in some way difficulty losing body fat.

You were taught that you must consume fewer calories than your body needs to survive and you will lose weight.

As you can find in the world of weight loss today this is a true statement.

The flip side of this is if you consume too few calories you will slow down your metabolism.

What is hCG? What does this mean? This mean that your body starts to eat itself, sadly its not fat it is consuming it is muscle.

This is the saddest reality of a low calorie diet while using Sublingual human chorionic gonadotropin.

Unless you are working with a nutritionist who understands the fine line between low calorie fat loss dieting and a diet so restricted, you will really maintain the goals you've set without consuming vital metabolic muscle.

hCG puts a stop to this vicious cycle, you can be on a restricted low calorie diet and maintain lean muscle.

This keeps your metabolism in check for long lasting results instead of the roller coaster up and down weight loss so often experienced.

Dr.ATWSimeons, creator of the hcg weight loss diets program

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It's almost "too good to be true." It is natural and safe and cost practically nothing! And you can start at any time once you read the HCG instructions.

For more than 50 years, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons hCG diet has kept a secret, just available to those who were wealthy enough to indulge in Dr. Simeons magical cure for fat loss.

Dr. Simeons discovery is credited for the ground breaking research on hCG diets. Fifty years after his death, the hCG weight loss phenomenon has made its way to the internet.

Thanks to Dr. Simeons the diet is simple easy to follow and universal. This means everyone can get exceptional results just by following a diet protocol developed over years ago.

See by yourself weight loss cure before and after photos about how the hCG weight loss research inspired me to transform my body and my life like nothing before ever has.

I believe in making dreams come true and helping other deserving people achieve their dreams.

This is why I'm sharing my knowledge and experience with hCG weightloss diets with you.

Dr. Simeons research has helped me to transform the body and life of 150+ clients like nothing before ever has and I want you to experience and learn the same effects of his hCG diet.

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