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The HCG book is finally completed. Per request of many HCG dieters users this digital HCG cook book is on its way to printing.

In the meantime we achieve the last revision with new inputs is ready to everyone involved in HCG diet for losing weight rapidly.

Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures but while on the HCG diet choosing what you eat becomes a challenge.

If you are really interested to transform your present round shaped figure into a new one, you will find this HCG cook book as the most valuable resource to make your 21 days diet jorney more easy to manage.

And the reason we did it is, we found a great need from all HCG dieters to have a ready to use diet cook book with everything unimaginable to just open it, start preparing your perfect diets and cook.

Yes! We made the HCG book so simple that anyone with minimal knowledge on how to prepare food and how to cook would be able to use it.

Moreover, without the terrible calories count nightmare that most HCG dieters suffers while on HCG diet therapy and Dr. Simeon's weight loss protocol.

HCG Book Testimonial
I have downloaded the book. Thank you very much. I am also interested in the Phase 2 book. I was on the HCG diet and I lost 52 pounds, the amount I wanted to lose. Than you! This book has been a great help. This diet is wonderful and I am very please with myself. It also takes determination to lose weight along with the liquid. Thank you very much for the discovery, other diets had not worked for me before. Shirley

Reminder! This hCG diet recipes book is to be sent by ".pdf" email attachment. To open it and to read it, we recommend to have or to download "Adobe Reader".

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"Digital" HCG Book - Just $ 19.97

What's Behind the HCG Cook Book Principles

The HCG cook book has been developed for any person following the dr. Simeons protocol and need to be satisfied with dietary intake of 500 low calories.

If you know the protocol details you should also know that when you are on the HCG sublingual diet using the AE-27 serum mix the HCG formula helps your body to relaease additional calories.

It is estimated that up to 3500 calories are released to your nutrition from the stored fat resources of your body.

And the process is relatively simple, the HCG weight loss protocol performs what is called a metabolic recovery. And this happens when the hypothalamus set point within your body is reset.

As soon as that happens HCG diet start boosting your metabolism and increasing your body's ability to burn fat at a much higher rate.

If you read about the hypothalamus functions you will realize that HCG breaks down body fat. Eventually causing rapid weight loss by mass while at the same time, is protecting your endogenous fat and muscle. Both of which your body needs to stay healthy and in good functioning order.

The good thing about it is, your daily activities can be continued without feeling weak, depressed or tired which happens with most other weight loss diets.

hcg cook book

hcg diet book

Critical Issues Of The HCG Diet Book

Any HCG dieters user knows that the most critical thing during the 21 days diet journey is to find the perfect HCG diet recipes to keep your calories count.

While on HCG diet you should have only 2 food servings per day, lunch and dinner; and snacks and fruits in between. Everything you eat it counts toward your maximum 500 very low calories intake per the day.

Although there is a recovery procedure with apple day diet, if you barely past that 500 VLCD limit you will suffer consequences of no losing weight neither burning fat at all during 2 or 3 days - so you should be very careful with what you eat! -.

The HCG diet book has been precisely designed to maintain a variety of delicious recipes to help you lose weight during the 21 days of the HCG weight loss program, and to maintain the 500 calories diet suggested by Dr. Simeons protocol and lose weight without exercising.

What's Inside of The HCG Recipe Book

What's inside the HCG recipe book? Within the content you will find how to prepare ahead tips, HCG guidelines for success and many different and varied HCG recipes.

Imagine yourself preparing steak fajitas, ground beef, chicken, turkey, fish and a great mix of vegetables which you are allowed while on sublingual HCG diet.

You will see lot of photos within the HCG recipe book including poultry, seafood, soups, salads and vegetables. you will have a daily menu which you can make it extremely varied to please your demanding senses.

Most importantly, include the HCG approved food list which you must keep for your successful 21 days diet weight loss journey.

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The HCG Recipes Cook Book Outline

The HCG book preparing ahead tips section include how to make a grocery list to buy meat and poultry, including vegetables and fruits for every week of the 3 weeks it takes the 21 days diet journey.

How to remove the visible fat from all the protein sources you are to consume on a daily basis and how to bag them in advance to have them handy ready to cook.

The HCG book guidelines for success section include the HCG recipes cooking procedures and what you should and never use while on the HCG diet protocol.

The HCG book essence of food preparation section carry you step by step on how to prepare and cook HCG meat recipes such as chicken and steak fajitas; turkey in tomatoes sauce and in salads; grilled Halibut fish and garlic Tilapia.

In addition, cooking in different styles such as beef with onions, grilled ground beef, beef grilled with tomatoes and onions.

It perfectly show you how to prepare a variety of even shrimp cocktails and different cooking salsas.

Includes something you won't find in other HCG diet cook books such as HCG soup recipes with fish, shrimp and poultry; also amazing Jerk turkey salads, Latin spinach salads and the delicious "pico de gallo" Mexican salsa.

If you are a vegetarian you are also saved. Many different vegetarian HCG recipes are also included to make the HCG diet protocol diet bearable and easy to manage.

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HCG Book Final Remarks

This 61 pages HCG book full of many HCG diet recipes is dedicated to all of you who had struggled to lose weight and have finally found the solution through following the Dr. Simeons HCG diet weight loss protocol.

Very important! Don't let anybody to tell you that you can't do it. You can and it's up to you. You just need to make a decision today and change your life forever.

If many have already done it why not you? What is stooping you to try it? This HCG book is dedicated to you to help you to build and maintain (as many have build it already) your new figure for life.

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