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To Order HCG Per Dr. Simeons Protocol

No more to look where to order HCG sublingual formula per Dr. Simeons HCG diet for weight loss protocol.

Now is your time to get a new figure for life or to get your new silhouette for life with this amazing and revolutionary diet with an average of 1 to 3 pounds of both weight loss and fat loss per day.

The HCG sublingual is much better than HCG shots or HCG injections for its increased 95% absorption power when used under the tongue.

So far is the most advanced method for weight loss when using the 500 very low calories diet as prescribed within the pounds and inches manuscript.

The great advantage of using under the tongue HCG drops is you only need to take it twice per day, early morning and when you go to bed.

You will apply simply 4 drops or 0.22 cc of serum mix as described in the dropper. The mixture dissipate under your tongue within the next 5 minutes.

To secure the effectiveness of the HCG dosage, it is always recommended not to drinking any liquid in the next 30 minutes. So, follow up the recommendations to order HCG!

where to order hcg sublingual

How To Order HCG Diet For Weight Loss

The greatest benefits on using HCG sublingual is that as compared to other HCG diets it includes the original HCG diet recipes book with 100+ diet recipes to make your 21 day diets journey easy to handle and to manage.

Let me tell you that here is where most of other HCG diets failure is strong. Those diets don't provide you with a guideline with the precise pre-determined calorie counts serving plates.

With this HCG book your only job is in how to prepare the food and in cooking the wide selection of tasting HCG recipes hereby provided.

If you prefer to start your HCG diet right now we recommend to proceed to order HCG immediately. Your HCG diet kit will be shipped the same day and will arrive to your door in the next 5 to 10 days!

Where to order HCG sublingual diet for weight loss? We recommend to continue placing your HCG diet order by clicking the "Add to cart" on next page to order HCG at Google Check Up Secure Store.

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