Apple Day Diet

hCG Apple Day Diet

hCG 6 Apple Day Diet in 24 Hours

The so called apple day diet when using hCG diet is the punishment one get after hCG diet interruptions which happens for any reason.

The Dr. Simeons protocol established you should eat 6 apples only and water only as liquid during 24 hours, from lunch to lunch.

The apple day diet is part of the hCG diet system and include consuming 1 apple every 3 hours during 24 hour day.

Yo have to do it as soon as you find errors while on hCG sublingual diet.

Suddenly you found out that your weight loss increased per the next day instead otherwise.

When things like this happen we get confused and increases our doubts about the diet effectiveness and its restrictions.Be sure that if you increased your weight loss the other way there is no other explanations than errors while on hCG diet and your not following restrictions accordingly.

6 apple day diet

6 apples and water only as liquid; during 24 hours, from lunch to lunch.

Reasonable Errors While On hCG Diet

May be for an undetermined reason you ate an extra Melba toast or a Grissino. May be an extra ounce of fruit, or mix vegetables or little extra of proteins.

There is no doubt this is what could be happening reverting the weight loss the other way and effecting your average daily weight loss and, you have seen an extra ounce or an extra pounds up your yesterday loss.

There is no reason to worry! The perfection of the hCG diet protocol on phase 1 give you the penalty kick to correct the error eating only 6 apples the next day within a 24 hour period.

The hCG Apple Day Diet Process

The diet process start with the lunch of one day and extend to the lunch of the next day.

If you do this well without consuming no other liquid but water, you will see your weight loss coming back the next day.

The day diet push stimulating your body to eliminate the retention of liquids which some way influence your scale.

Apple is an astringent fruit and it is required you drink lot of water.

The cells of your body have lost a lot of abnormal fat inside and become empty. Those empty spaces are temporarily filled with water inducing liquid retention.

hCG Apple Diet Breakdown Fatty Cells Structure

The diet break down this equilibrium and induce extensive water elimination until those tissues are reabsorbed by the same body.

You will confirm this by mean of your increased frequency of evacuating water, going more often than usual to the bathroom.

One of the greatest advantages this day diet hold is that clean your stomach and your digestive system, that is the reason drinking lot of water is recommended and no other food at all.

Get acquainted that this is the effect of your apple diet punishment while on hCG diet by eating 6 apples during the period of 24 hours and will not suffer hungry.

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