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How To Loss 21 Pounds in Just 21 Days!

Revolutionary hCG Kit Formula For Weight Loss

The hCG diet to weightloss consists of 2 basics HCG phases. The first phase or phase 1 is called "oral hCG Sublingual diet" and the phase 2 is called "oral hCG maintenance diet."

So, in short the whole diet formula we offer consists of 2 simple phases using hCG oral Sublingual formula.

Although we present a third phase or phase 3 protocol - the one people love the most - is when you learn the Clean and Healthy Eating For Life to help you how to eat properly in order to maintain and keep your new real weight forever.

The whole hCG program is called the Dr. Simeons hCG protocol and include the 2 phases together with the hCG diet recipes book that you will receive with a wide variety of food selections to make your eating lifestyle more enjoyable.

Most importantly, you will be surprised with the huge amount of money you will save while groceries shopping.

This saving will over compensate your initial investment on the oral Sublingual diet formula. You will be very happy when you do this without the burden anguish of hormone hCG injection shots!

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The hCG Diet Plan for "Oral" Sublingual Applications

During the oral Sublingual hCG diet plan for weight loss is where you lose 1 to 3 pounds per day by following the hCG recipes provided to you in conjunction with the hCG sublingual serum for the first 21 days.

The first two days are kind of a free for all. Eating mostly what you want to, so you can kick start your metabolism.

Then you jump into a 500 very low calorie diet (VLCD) restricted from all but very specific and portioned foods.

The 500 very low calorie diet is what is known as the real hCG protocol with the basic protein needs to maintain your normal daily life activities.

These foods are best suited in assisting the oral hCG formula to reset your hypothalamus gland for lasting results.

See this example below:
Does hCG oral sublingual works? Simple Sublingual diet therapy in just 21 days reduced my belly 28 pounds and my waist from 44 ½ inches to 37 inches. I don't know about you but my answer is... Yes, there is absorption power and it works!

hcg diet

Get Your hCG Diet Recipes Book Now!

You are 45 seconds away from the most amazingly effective hCG weight loss opportunity to save thousands of dollars with the pain-free, easiest way to gradually loss your weight from 1 to 3 pounds per day.

The hCG Sublingual Diet Recipes Book "Clean and Healthy Eating for Life" we are ready to publish is the first of his kind on hCG recipes for keeping up with the hCG protocol Phase 3 of the whole weight loss program.

To find out more about clean and healthy eating and to receive the monthly hCG advisor Newsletter I am providing this special hCG Diet Recipes Book totally free to subscribers.

Before printing, only 100 copies of this hCG diet recipes book will be given for free! If you are interested to have whether a hard copy or soft copy of this revolutionary hCG diet recipes book you should register now!




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The hCG Maintenance Program or hCG Phase 2

The hCG maintenance program includes a diet kit. Here is where you are provided with a 21 days herbs package that took me 5 years to develop.

The herbal blend diet mix I have created, makes your body respond much better to the hCG maintenance phase because it includes a proprietary blend.

This blend will help your body "to recreate the set point through the hypothalamus, pituitary and endocrine glands which it is crucial to fat loss."

What Is The Hypothalamus?

I have been mentioning the importance of resetting the hypothalamus as part of the hCG oral program success.

Before continuing, I would like to explain you what it is and what key role plays in the hCG weight loss diet program.

The hypothalamus is a very small gland located in the brain. For such a small gland its function is enormous, from regulating hormones and body temperature, to the metabolism of stored body fats.

The important thing to remember, it plays a key roll in helping the body maintain fat loss after a diet.

Like everything else in life we need to do all we can to help our hCG weight loss diet and hypothalamus do their jobs.

How To Best Reset Your Hypothalamus

The best tool to reset the hypothalamus is consistency over a given period of time.

The relationship that fat loss has to the hypothalamus is similar to a body builder and gaining muscle mass.

A body builder can not become large and symmetrical over night. It takes years of hard work and consistency.

The hypothalamus needs that same kind of devotion. The longer you work at keeping your body healthy and lean, the harder it will be for your hypothalamus to revert back to a higher body fat percent.

I have read articles and even paragraphs from popular books that say "once you lose the weight you can eat what ever you want."

This is not true! Do you want to verify why? Just go to hCG maintenance program and you will know why.

You need to devote your life to being aware of what you're putting into your body.

You really are what you eat. Take a look at the mirror and ask yourself if that's being too harsh.

Achieving Best Results With hCG Weight Loss Plan?

To get and achieve the best results, you need to complete the "hCG sublingual diet plan" and the related "hCG maintenance diet program" which include abundant recipes you can have a lot of fun to make them at home.

This extraordinary hCG Sublingual kit will help you lose the locked fat reserve and release it to your body as fuel.

This will result in you having a lot of energy rather that feeling tired as it is normal with low calories diets, and will soon see the result of your new slim shape.

Wouldn't be extraordinary to help your body lose 1 up to 3 pounds per day without exercise? Indeed! It is highly possible following our 500 very low calories diet (VLCD).

Nevertheless, information control is important. We emphasize the importance of being very well informed about the hCG Sublingual diet benefits toward a future shape and contour figure in order to achieve everyone expected fat and weight loss goals.

If you would you like to learn how to start the hCG diet now please, go to how to start the hCG phases.

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