Weight Loss Cure Protocol

Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Cure Protocol

Original Weight Loss Cure Protocol

The weight loss cure protocol designed by Dr. Simeons stated that you will be able to loss an average of 1 pound per day if you are capable of maintaining a 500 very low calorie diet for a period of at least 23 to 46 days.

The name of the solution he used for this hCG diet treatment is hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin.

According to Dr. Simeons original weight loss protocol this hCG solution make your stored fat to recirculate again without having to suffer from hunger or having to exercise too much.

Any person following this hCG weight loss protocol will feel satisfied with the 500 calories and will produce an average of pound per day of weight loss in scale.

Dr. Simeons established that all happens at the hypothalamus gland where the set point is reset within the body, boosting the metabolism and increasing the person's ability to burn fat at a much higher rate.

While on the original weight loss cure protocol the rapid weight loss by mass works simultaneously protecting the endogenous fat and muscle which the body needs to stay healthy.

In addition, he said - daily activities can be continued without feeling weak or tired or depressed.

It is not true! These feelings happen to all those who are taking hCG injections for weight loss.

But there is no doubt that it does change your feelings differently as he previously mentioned.

When you take injections for the weight loss cure protocol of Dr. Simeon's original protocol you are really affected no matter what you do.

Improvements to Original Weight Loss Cure Protocol

Our experience is different. We have guided more than 500 users of this original weight loss cure protocol but differently.

We designed something different and it work wonders. Instead of using costly and painful daily hCG shots injections we provide a serum mix for the hCG powder.

This way you avoid the daily trigger hCG shots injections and mix the hCG powder with our proprietary AE-27 sublingual serum to take the doses by the mouth.

The interesting thing about this hCG serum mix is that you will take half the doses of usual hCG injections during 21 days period only and the daily average weight loss remain the same or better.

Nothing more simpler for an hCG diet to take 4 drops equivalent to 0.22 cc early morning and then, the second doses at bed time.

Yes! Two doses of hCG sublingual serum mix AE-27 and will take you through the same weight loss cure protocol journey more effectively. You will see the target weight loss cure results of fat burning to a new body for life figure after the 21 days journey.

Why Our Modifications to the Weight Loss Cure Protocol?

Most hCG diet users complain about the effectiveness of the Dr. Simeons hCG diet because at the end of the said 23 to 46 days start gaining the weight again.

This even happen modifying their own diets or still keeping the 500 low calories diet. In other way, it means that your hypothalamus has not been reset properly.

Saddest thing though, is that nobody wants to tell the truth about their failures!

They feel embarrassed to realize that the original weight loss cure protocol did not work well for them.

Most of those stories are the one you find without the description of the experiences on the phase 2 of the maintenance protocol.

How you can trust those beautiful pictures of people losing weight and amazingly delineating body contours?

Reality is everyone needs the hCG phase 2 maintenance to really and definitively reset your hypothalamus.

Why Our Maintenance Phase 2 To The Weight Loss Cure Protocol?

As fitness expert, dietitian and mentor of many man and women in body building competitions I found out this problem over and over.

After many investigations and trials I came out developing the right formula for the hCG maintenance or phase 2 of the original weight loss protocol and found out it worked pretty good to athletes.

Since then, I have been a provider of this amazing AE-27 proprietary blend of 4 natural herbs, minerals and vitamins to help you finally resetting your hypothalamus while at the same time keeping the eight loss you achieved.

In addition, I provide a guidance on the ideal diet calories you should take in relation with your height and weight at the end of the 21 days fase1 hCG diet period.

Why People Feel Weak and Hungry While On The Weight Loss Cure Protocol?

There is lie out there. You will surely feel weak and feel hunger for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Those are your body cries for the food you are used to on a daily basis.

This is not a take a "macho" attitude toward the diet or keeping your focus to the goal or your expected results.

No matter what you do, you will suffer the consequences and symptoms of a very low calorie diet!

On the other hand, the hCG users who take the hCG sublingual mixing by the mouth this doesn't happen.

Why! Our proprietary hCG products blend is an enriched hCG sublingual serum AE-27 with 4 natural vital herbs, including powerful vitamins and minerals that feed your body needs to overcome the weaknesses and sustain it meanwhile.

Most importantly, successes on the weight loss target are persistent! You may want to check over our testimonials!

clean and healthy eating for life book

"The Clue To Success" On The Weight Loss Cure Protocol

We are very happy with the development of the hCG oral sublingual fase 1 and hCG maintenance fase 2 improvements to Dr. Simeons weight loss cure protocol.

You can not ever go back to eating junk food anymore! When you order this marvelous hCG sublingual serum mix for the 2 phases only program you will get the Clean and Healthy Eating for Life program that will guide you properly to keeping your weight of and maintaining it properly.

If you find out poor satisfaction while using hCG shots or hCG injections, take your chance and try the modified weight loss cure protocol which produces much better weight loss cure results you can trust.

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