How To Order HCG

Where To Order HCG Diet and HCG Powder the Easy Way

How To Order HCG Diet - Step by Step

How to order HCG is described to save you time and expedite your order so you will receive your HCG diet supplements on time.

Your HCG order is very important to us and we want to keep 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Please, follow the next 3 steps completely:

1.- Before Placing Your HCG Order

Considering you are very well informed on how the phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and the weight loss testimonials.

In order to proceed with your HCG diet order, we need your medical details on file OR a copy of your prescription from a licensed physician.

So, you must fill out a medical form . A new window will open!

2.- Where Can I Order HCG

Simply go to HCG diet products a new window will open! Select the HCG diet product you will order now and click the blue Ad to cart button.

You will not have any risk as we are using the 100% Google checkout secure online ordering process.

On the View cart button select the quantity of HCG diet order you want to receive. Verify your price and click to Google checkout cart.

3.- Verify and Doublecheck Your HCG Order

If you don't have one you can Create a Google Account to continue, or use your present email.

Be sure to ad all your information correctly and double check it to receive your HCG diet order on time.

Then, click on Agree and continue. Don't worry! You can still make changes to your order on the next page.

Finish the whole process and your order will finally close. A confirmation email is coming your way. Double check that this confirmation email does not go to your spam or trash emails.

Shipping Your HCG Diet Order and Supplements

Your HCG diet order will be delivered the same day and you will receive another confirmation email including the shipping information.

Keep Yourself Updated!

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