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Buy hCG drops now! Within the weight loss market of diets there is not a better place to get hCG drops at the lowest price, when you compare your results on a per pound a day basis.

The oral HCG diet we are talking about is the Sublingual under the tongue's type. The same as established within Dr. Simeon's weight loss protocol for HCG Phase 1.

You may know that Dr. Simeon's protocol is way old and about 50 years old right? It is important to keep diets up to date because veggies calories 50 years ago aren't the same today.

Let me tell you that we modified it slightly. Moreover, to improve weight loss effectiveness - without the need of hCG injections - while still maintaining the same 500 very low calories daily feeding.

The great advantage of using oral hCG diet drops is because it is relatively very easy to use. On the case, you only need 0.22 cc or 4 drops placed twice a day under your tongue.

We realized the large amount in savings for our customers considering what you would have to spent in additional syringes and all the stuff required to the risky and complicated painful daily injections.

Let me explain you how to use hCG diet drops for weight loss...

How Would You Use The hCG Diet Drops?

Very easy to do. Early morning when you wake up just add the 4 hCG diet drops of the proprietary serum AE-27 which you are going to mix with the pure HCG powder Pregnyl 1500 IU provided when you buy hCG drops.

You are to do the same at bedtime. During the day, you are to take the 2 daily meals of 250 low calories each, including the 2 snacks in between.

The awesome thing about this oral HCG drops diet is that everything is taken care of when you place your order to buy HCG drops.

Together with your order you will receive the amazing HCG diet recipes book with 100+ diverse meals that will facilitate handling your 21 days diet journey with ease.

Truth is, you only have to worry in preparing the food and in cooking. Everything else is described within the HCG cook book which is sent to you together with HCG diet drops protocol.

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In addition, if you would like to make your future purchases even faster, you can create an account during checkout.

The phase 1 HCG diet drops product includes the HCG phase 1 serum mix and the HCG recipes book all together.

When you ready, proceed to buy HCG drops for your hCG phase 1 HCG diet drops Dr. Simeon's protocol by clicking the Add to cart button below.

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Buy "Digital" HCG Diet Recipes Book $ 19.97

Your digital HCG diet recipes book will be send by email attachment as soon as you sign up and finish buying HCG drops.

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How The HCG Diet Drops May Change Your Body Silhouette?

hcg diet drops

I am introducing part of Sofia's HCG diet drops weight loss testimonial. As she said - Today was my first day with sublingual HCG. I was happy to start this! I am used to having water first thing in the morning so it was a bit of a challenge having to wait for a half hour after taking the HCG.

Sofia continue saying - I was expecting a bad taste when I put the oral HCG drops in my mouth, but it didn't have any taste and it was easy to use. It was absorbed very quickly within 5 minutes.

Sofia closed with the statement - I am excited to see what the change will be in a week. I took the second sublingual HCG diet drops formula under my tongue and went to bed.

Didn't I told you it was very easy to do? All of our HCG dieters are extremely satisfied with how sublingual HCG diet drops works.

Most importantly, the results they get. Easy use allow you to drop 20 to 30 pounds on the scale after 21 days diet. Although the weight loss rate is about a pound a day, variations occur.

But I assure you if you follow the guidelines with discipline and establish your weight loss goal, when you buy HCG drops "Complete Formula" chances are you will accomplish your dream - as many others have - to a new body figure for life.

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