Reseller Requirements

Sublingual HCG Diet Reseller Requirements

Reseller Business Relationships

For your protection and the protection of all Resellers, it is essential that this guidelines be understood and closely followed.

Further, and extremely important, if you are selling Sublingual HCG Diet serum mix AE-27 product to others who are in turn reselling it, these resellers too must fully understand and fully follow the same guidelines.

You will be directly responsible for them and their actions. You will be accountable for any issues they generate.

Resellers Down Your Line

The following is a list of Sublingual HCG Diet serum mix AE-27 product requirements that all resellers of the product and their organizations must follow.

If you are selling to anyone outside your organization who is reselling the product to businesses or consumers, they should immediately be provided these requirements and you should make sure they fully understand them and are committed to following them.

The list is not meant to cover each and every requirement but provide some of the most important issues.

Specific Relationships Details

1.- Price: The phase 1 HCG sublingual serum mix AE-27 product may not be sold to any end users (the public) for less than $ 149.00.

The phase 2 HCG Maintenance product may not be sold to any end users (the public) for less than $ 199.00.

The complete Whole HCG diet program - phase 1, phase 2 and HCG Diet Recipes Book - may not be sold to any end users (the public) for less than $ 299.00.

The HCG Diet Recipes Book alone may not be sold to any end users (the public) for less than $ 9.97.

2.- Sale of HCG Diet Products trough eBay or any online auction sites is strictly prohibited.

3.- Without the prior written consent of QLG, the HCG Diet Products may not be, directly or indirectly, marketed through any other marketing channels or by anyone you sell to, other than the channels listed on Exhibit A of your Agreement.

4.- The HCG Diet Products may not be marketed through television advertising, direct mail, internet advertising, e-mail marketing, or telemarketing.

5.- For approval, sales to retailers with stores must be provided in advance and in writing by QLG.

6.- Any printed materials, point-of-sale, or media advertisements with different content to the one provided on our website must receive prior written approval by QLG.

In the case of media advertisements, we must also know the publication or media outlet. Please, be sure to contact QLG for approved versions of these items.

7.- In some instances the HCG Diet Products may be marketed online. Prior written permission from QLG is required.

If you are planning to request permission to market the HCG Diet Products online, please follow the previous requirements and contact us immediately.

Please, print this page.

Reseller Requirements

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