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HCG Diet News August 2009

How to Achieve the Lifetime Figure You Always Wanted!

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If you missed the first one, here’s a second HCG Diet Advisor newsletter to Start Losing Weight Now opportunity... hCGWeightLossDiets.com - The Easy Way to Lose 1 to 3 Pounds per Day!

Facts You Should Know About Obesity:

It's tragic but true. Extreme obesity can shorten people's lives by 12 years! Those who are 80 or more pounds over a normal weight — live three to 12 fewer years than their — weight peers.

A new study shows that about 66% of adults in the USA are either overweight or obese and excess weight was responsible for the loss of roughly 95 million years of life in the USA in 2008. Isn't this scary!

It's almost too good to be true. The cure to obesity it's natural and safe (which is "why" they don't want you to find out!)

For instance, of the top 25 most prescribed medications, 10 target high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Obesity now accounts for 9.1% of all medical spending, up from 6.5% in 1998.

Overall, an obese patient has $4,871 in medical bills a year compared with $3,442 for a patient at a healthy weight. You must stay away from being part of this statistics!

This newsletter reveals information about a new breakthrough. It is perhaps the most powerful and effective way ever discovered to cure obesity.

The cure does not need shots, drugs or surgery, it has been known by about 50 years. It is completely natural and safe. And, comparing the benefits it costs practically nothing. Let me tell you how...

hcg and obesity hcg obesity

At Last There Is An Answer To the Obesity Dilemma...

Give Me 21 days – And I'll Give You the Secrets of a Life Time Figure.

Please, read only if you are still undecided...Here is the opportunity to take that first decisive step.

Yes! Obesity can be eliminated forever in just 21 days. And even if for any reason you fail, still can run another extra 21 days to lose extra pounds.

GET THE PHASE 1 Oral Sublingual diet now! You will surely eliminate 1 to 3 pounds per day of weight and fat from your body very easily and, after 21 days diets achieve the lifetime figure you always wanted to have.

Get to Know the Oral HCG Sublingual Benefits:

  1. The HCG sublingual formula combined with a very low calorie diet tricks and reset your hypothalamus

  2. The HCG sublingual diet targets the abnormal fat - the fat you cannot lose with diet and exercise

  3. The HCG sublingual diet will make your body undergo some amazing transformations by losing fat and weight

  4. While shedding extra pounds helps to improve the overall health, researchers also believe it helps to normalize the cholesterol levels, to normalize the thyroid gland and to balance the hormones while rebuilding the adrenaline glands

  5. Our experience shows that 97% of those customers using ORAL HCG SUBLINGUAL maintain their weight loss results for the long term.
So far, no other diets can compare the oral sublingual HCG diet benefits.

The Wow Factor, So...What's Differentiate Our Diet from the Other Diets?

One thing only...all of the other diets for weight loss lacks the main ingredient, these weigh loss diets can not ensure "Your Figure for Life" neither secure your weight loss from coming back against you over and over again.

We have a proprietary formula the HCG maintenance diet or HCG phase 2 which helps you to finally resetting your hypothalamus and keep your weight of and our formula provides just that!

Nothing Better than Testimonials:

Just to give you a TESTIMONIAL example: "Couldn't enjoy the same pleasures that other girls her age with a healthy body weight could, such as being comfortable on the beach. She always had low confidence, felt unhappy with her appearance but once she tried the diet and got my new figure..."

Better read what she said; get to know the latest photo testimonial of Ebony Gates.

THIS IS THE ANSWER TO OBESITY PROBLEMS: But the interesting topic today is that...You may get a huge discount on the Oral Sublingual HCG diet products before that date, provided you give us your weight loss testimonial.

And the reality is...this is so simple. The only thing you need to do is to send us a few weekly photos of before, during and after you finish the weight loss protocol.

Our webmaster will post your information on the website and will keep it confidential if you want that too! Whether you send the photos with face or without it we do as you desire.

What About You? Don't hate yourself from missing this amazing opportunity! Please send us your testimonial with your "before and after pictures" and we'll offer you a $25 REBATE check by mail.

Start right away! Your testimonial is valuable to us. I want to hear your experience and share it with others so they can have success too. How to order any HCG diet products online? For Hispanic customer it is made easy comprar HCG en línea!

IRRESITIBLE FREE BONUS GIFT ("Offer ends SUNDAY the 13th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time"): We assure you as many other customers you will become the happiest person because you will be accomplishing your weight loss dream, "Your Life Time Figure" and in return a mail check for Not Questions Asked $75.

Let me see by myself the results of losing 1-3 pounds per day...Yes! Send me – with no risk to me - all HCG phases and the "The HCG Diet Recipes Book" with my online purchase Whole HCG Sublingual Weight Loss Program.

OFFER ENDS: "Offer ends SUNDAY September 13th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time"

HCG diet products event HCG diet products event HCG diet products event

Successful People Meeting Event on HCG Diets Products:

Now, let me talk about what everyone has been waiting for: "The HCG Diet Recipes Book" it is finally done! Those which subscribed earlier are going to get for free.

We are about to have the largest representatives meeting (397 seats confirmed so far!) at Tampa, FL on Sept 4-8.

Launching the first of his kind "The HCG Diet Recipes Book" everyone is awaiting to get. I know, I know what are you going to say...But if you subscribed accordingly surely you will get it for FREE!!! That's our promise of fire.

Thanks for subscribing and requesting information on Oral Sublingual HCG weight loss diets. The most affordable and effective pain-free of shots is the oral sublingual HCG diet products we are promoting with great success to all users.

hCG Weight Loss Diets

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