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Affordable hCG Treatment With hCG Drops

HCG wholesale now if you were looking to get the best deal on hCG drops treatment prices and still enjoying the unbelievable benefit to losing 1 to 3 pounds average weight loss per day.

There is nothing easier and more practical to handle when it comes to weight loss treatment diets.Imagine yourself simply applying a few affordable hCG drops under your tongue.

Yes! That's all what you have to do. Early morning just before drinking any liquids you wash your mouth and then apply 0.22 cc, equivalent to 4 drops of hCG.

Then you follow the strict 500 calories diet as Dr. Simeons specified and then, late at night and just before bed time you apply the second doses of hCG drops again.

Isn't this a relatively simple method of hCG treatment to periodically weight loss on a daily basis? This is the wholesale hCG serum for your perfect mixing of your hCG powder!

Now you can buy whole sale hCG online easily. It is recommended to start with HCG diet phase 1 by filling out the medical form (A new window will open!)

You do not need to create an account to make purchases on our site. Simply click Add to cart to proceed to checkout. If you would like to make your future purchases even faster, you can create an account during checkout.

The phase 1 HCG product includes the HCG phase 1 serum mix and the HCG diet recipes book all together.

Please, proceed to ordering your hCG phase 1 diet supplements clicking the Add to cart button below.

hcg wholesale

hCG Oral Sublingual with hCG

Affordable hCG Treatment

Why we call it affordable hCG treatment? What happen is that many people tend to forget all associated costs when taking hCG shots trigger injections.

There are many risks involved while taking hCG injections even if the needle is very small.

More than that, if you have to go to a clinic to get the hCG shots everyday.

If I were you, I would rather try the affordable hCG treatment with hCG drops under the tongue.

Let me tell you why? When you place your hCG wholesale order you receive a complete package of precise hCG instructions to start hCG.

On the long run this make this weight loss treatment easy to manage.

The hCG to start's instructions even tells you what to buy to prepare for your affordable hCG drops treatment.

hCG Drops Whole Sale

Once you receive your package you will see a nice bottle of hCG sublingual serum.

This serum is fully vitalized with vitamin B-12, 4 natural herbs and minerals to keep you straight without the hidden hunger everyone suffers with hCG shots.

Your sterile solution that you will mix with the hCG powder, both together are to be added to the hCG enriched serum. Then mix it completely.

You will put in within your refrigerator for conservation purposes.

And it is practically ready for you to start your hCG wholesale diet treatment for the next morning when you wake up.

If you still hold on and do not to take your lunch until at least the noon hour, the effect of the hCG drops treatment will be superior to any other one you may try.

I have seen hCG drops users even losing weight during the same day when they measure not only the morning weight but the night weight as well.

hCG Wholesale Drops Treatment

Inform yourself well of hCG drops treatment now and get on your journey to lose an average of a pound a day for 21 days!

This oral sublingual hCG treatment with hCG drops of 2 phases only works better than injections.

Enjoy the benefit of saving time while this hCG wholesale treatment is only 2 phases of 21 days each and you will suffer no hunger.

The first phase or phase 1 is 21 days with just hCG drops of 22 cc twice a day every day.

The second phase or phase 2 of hCG maintenance you will no longer need injections. Just powerful supplements.

Yes! Phase 2 of hCG maintenance consist of multiple vitamins, minerals and herbs supply that will help you to finally resetting your hypothalamus.

These are the supplements components of your hCG maintenance or phase 2 hCG maintenance diet!

affordable hcg treatment

hCG Maintenance Phase 2

To Start Your hCG Wholesale Drops Treatment

Once this step is completed you will enjoy the new amazing program called "Digital hCG Diet Recipes Book" that will help you to maintain your weight and new figure forever.

And here is where most of all commercial diets fail and they don't want you to know!

If you do not eat clean and healthy after any diet your weight will come back to you against your most desirable will.

And your guaranteed offer is expired by that time too! That's the way they are cheating you against your will!

Avoid weight gain again to become your best enemy and continuous frustration nightmare.

The Digital hCG Diet Recipes Book

hcg diet recipes book

Digital hCG Diet Recipes Book - $ 19.97

Whole hCG Weight Loss Program Formula

To more savings in shipping and handling costs we have put together the whole weight loss program.

The whole weight loss program include:

  1. The hCG phase 1 oral sublingual mix formula AE-27.
  2. The "HCG Diet Recipes Book" and,
  3. The hCG maintenance formula with herbs, vitamins and minerals.

hcg oral sublingual hcg diet recipes book hcg maintenance

Whole hCG Diet Program "Complete"

Get your hCG wholesale with hCG drops. This hCG treatment includes hCG oral sublingual phase 1 and hCG phase 2 or hCG maintenance diet.

Please, stop getting cheated with commercial hCG drops treatments for once. Get hCG wholesale now and get rid of all your weight loss problems forever.

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