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hCG body building is my everyday experience came as I own a gym. My name is Aaron and I have been a trainer and nutritionist for over 20 years.

My 5+ years of university education and 20 years of experience on this field has been that in order to lose body fat and maintain a healthy body you need to do diet and exercise.

In fact, very low calorie diets(VLCD) have been something as a trainer I have despised in the nutrition field of hCG body building supplements.

However with this in mind, five years ago, a doctor friend of mine, recommended me to try this successful body building hCG as a weight loss diet program for men and women.

The tricky thing was that this hCG body building diet was against everything that as a trainer and nutritionist I have been against.

First of all, you are in a very low calorie diet(VLCD) that doesn't allow you to eat post work out meals to feed the lean body mass that you lose after intensive work out in the gym.

This hCG body building diet it frightened me a little bit, so I decided to do intensive research and try it on my own and take part to tell body building success stories.

hcg body building

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My hCG Bodybuilding Success Story

I delivered gained weight. I became overweight with 267 pounds and then I began the oral hCG diet.

What I found was that on the 21 days of the hCG diet, and the maintenance phase that I created, I was able to lose 36 pounds of body fat and still maintain my strengths, energy and vitality in the gym.

Any of my lifts didn't go down anymore than 3% of the maximums. I found myself going from 23% down to 9% in less than 42 days.

These incredible body building supplement results and the research I did on my own, changed the believe that very low calories diets work very well with hCG.

Up to this day, I have trained more than 500+ and I have helped 100+ lose body fat with the hCG program.

My clients vary from professional people seating in offices to professional body builders.

Anybody can lose body fat by exercising only, but with the hCG program, you can lose body fat in a very short period of time, without so much effort and see the results you always wanted to see.

These Are My hCG Body Building Results

As you have seen above, to change your figure, loss weight and fat at the same time while keeping minimal muscle mass loss is secure and truly possible while following hCG body building program with appropriate body building diets.

From my experience training professional athletes, body building competitors and common professional people I found out that same results are repetitive to anyone.

Yes! I mean anyone willing to follow the 2 phases of the hCG body building diet and the relatively easy phase 3 of "Clean and Healthy Eating for Life" program we have developed.

Changing your figure and body contour is essential for health, well being and longevity. It is an easy way to add extra years to your present lifespan.

Although, the most important aspects of the overall program I propose and support are the amazingly incredible huge benefits you will get after finishing this hCG body building program.

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