21 Day Diet

The 21 Days Weight Loss Program

The 21 Day Diet

The 21 day diet has been so far the most successful diet plan ran during 21 days from all the available weight loss programs to burn fat and to produce the most amazing and faster results.

People seems to getting smarter everyday. Now, with the sublingual oral hCG 21 days diet formula which by the way is the easier 21 day meal plan to follow, a lot of people has been able to loss fat and weight faster than ever before.

The good thing about this 21 day workout program is that has become the diet plan standard for obesity related people because almost everyone need to get rid of pounds and inches the easier way.

I am impressed about the fact that using 2 to 4 drops of oral hCG sublingual in phase 1 hCG diet - under your tongue and twice a day can burn 1 to 3 pounds daily of weight and fat relatively easy.

And the second phase 2 hCG maintenance diet program will give you an awesome figure at the end of 21 days diet plan. Far different than the one I had before!

21 day diet plan

Define Weight Loss Program Goals
In The 21 Day Diet Plan

I wanted to know more about this program and directly consulted more than 100 successful cases and quickly revised a lot of photographic testimonials. I was completely convinced that decided to give it a try myself.

Let me tell you what happened. Once I got my diet kit, 3 days before the 21 days meal plan I ate a lot of almost everything - including 1/2 gallon fatty ice cream every night - which can build my weight up and quickly.

Once I was about 10 pounds over my 260 pounds of weight I started the hCG sublingual diet to see what kind of effects I would get at the end of the 21 day diet plan.

The first 5 days were kind of hard to me because I was a guy who with no hesitation at all ate everything pleasant to my eyes or which you put in front of my mouth.

Those first 5 days I was in scram for food, I can't negate that but it was easy to handle by personal motivation and keeping my weight loss goal in mind all the time.

How To Do The 21 Day Diet Meal Plan

This is what I did. I woke up in the morning and 30 minutes before my breakfast and after brushing my teeth I put 4 drops under my tongue before drinking any liquid.

Brought with me my daily gallon of pure water and keep drinking it every time I thought about breaking the law of eating something and it was easy to go through until lunch time.

Once at lunch time, I ate my 6 ounces weighed raw of meat - chicken, fish, shrimps, steak or turkey - which I varied everyday, together with a reasonable amount of different veggies.

Between meals, one bread stick of Grissino or one Melba toast and one different fruit every time to avoid boring. I was doing this everyday until dinner time arrive.

During dinner time I used the same amount of food I ate at lunch, but without repeating the same identical items I had.

I was keeping careful records of my 500 very low calorie diet I was ordered to follow to completion the 21 day diet plan correctly without any penalties.

I was keeping records of my weight in the early morning and even at night before going to bed. Once I was getting ready for bed time I took my second hCG oral sublingual doses and sleep relax.

The Fun Part Of 21 Day Workout Program

Now, let me explain what was the fun of it. I was looking myself on the mirror every day and checking the scale at the same time.

No doubt! I was losing between 1 to 3 pounds per day. Truly! Some days 1 pound, others 2 pounds, others as a good pitcher...straight forward 3 pounds.

But that wasn't all! The way I look at my body contours is what really impressed me the most.

My new line shaped figure start to blossom and coming out to how I was about 20 years ago when I was a daily sport guy.

A few abdominal muscles start to show up, and I was so excited that at the same time started doing my 50 abdominal flex to give them a little bit extra power to show up quicker and it worked so good.

My pants sizes abruptly changed and underwear as well. To avoid people looking at me with baggy down pants I went to do some shopping to keep the excitement up.

21 day workout program

Results Matters! Fat Burn and Weight Loss
In The 21 Day Diet Plan

It is not a surprise telling you my dropping from 270 pounds to 220 pounds after the first 21 days diet plan. I drop and average of 2.38 pounds per day!

I could tell you that my results were kind of incredible to me. Double checked the balance scale twice on hard floor to avoid cheating and the results were there.

Yes! I drop 50 pounds on the oral hCG sublingual 21 days diet plan, a little over my goal of 40 pounds and I was extremely excited.

Next, I was going over to the second phase 2 maintenance 21 day diet plan.

I decided to loss more while on the maintenance diet and instead of eating my 2000 calories per day as suggested on my second phase, I deliberately dropped to 1200 calories per day.

Guess what? The pretty extra surprise and effort paid back. I lost another 15 pounds more in 21 days diet meal plan. A total of 65 pounds in 42 days of the diet plan.

When you decide to use a 21 days diet plan I recommend you to do research by yourself.

Learn everything you can find out there and compare results. Compare photographic results which speak louder.

Then, don't think twice and go ahead and try the 21 day diet plan as I did. At the end the results are what matters.

Then share your experiences with others and give wise recommendations based on real facts as I am doing here now: Recommending you to subscribe to the 21 day diet plan today.

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